Planning to meet The Lawyer

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
·       11:44 AM The Lawyer: hey there!!!
·       11:44 AM Sassy: Hiya!
·       11:45 AM Sassy: Just emailed you.  : )
·       11:46 AM The Lawyer: oh, good– I loved your story— could picture you… and me.
·       11:47 AM Sassy: Yay!
·       11:48 AM The Lawyer: mmmm…. the concept of your fear of thunderstorms enhancing the excitement of the two of us makes me want to take you to a storm belt!!
·       11:49 AM Sassy: Mmmm…
·       11:49 AM Sassy: just think of me whenever the thunder rolls…
·       11:49 AM Sassy: the charge in the air
·       11:49 AM Sassy: Do you like storms?
·       11:53 AM The Lawyer: so tell me… will i be able to unleash the wild girl inside??? I sure hope so!
·       11:54 AM Sassy: I forecast there is a 99% chance.
·       11:54 AM The Lawyer: I do… I like everything about them– the heightened pressure, the anticipation… the unexpected crack of thunder…. it is a very sensual time….
·       11:55 AM Sassy: Man… you can write.
·       11:56 AM Sassy: You’ve charmed the demure lady, held Sassy in your arms… I say the wild girl will get what she needs to appear.
·       11:56 AM The Lawyer: not me…you’ve created this enticingly sexual scenario, I’m just riding it!!
·       11:58 AM The Lawyer: I want her at her wildest, most wanton…. that will drive me wild!
·       12:00 PM Sassy: Wanton is such a great word.
·       12:00 PM Sassy: I have to shower… find me again soon!
·       12:00 PM Sassy: Think of helping me get clean… then dirty… then clean again!
·       12:00 PM Sassy: Mwah!
·       12:01 PM The Lawyer: that’s exactly what I’m doing… thinking … and… anticipating
        12:46 PM The Lawyer: out of the shower??
·       1:17 PM Sassy: Yes. All clean, shaved, clipped, moisturized…
·       1:19 PM The Lawyer: mmn…. shorn completely, or trimmed?? delicious!
·       1:20 PM Sassy: Oh! That area is natural. It came back kinda sparse after I lost it to chemo, so I don’t mess with it.
·       1:21 PM Sassy: You trim your special hairs?
·       1:23 PM The Lawyer: I don’t — I work on the assumption that any manscaping might be noticed and therefore start questions that would be difficult to answer!
·       1:24 PM Sassy: Ah… very true. That’s fine. I like it natural so I can play with it.  : )
·       1:24 PM The Lawyer: I’m looking forward to getting to know you–in so many ways!!
·       1:32 PM Sassy: Yes please.
·       1:56 PM The Lawyer: mmmn…. your schedule??
·       2:06 PM Sassy: Open except 9-1:30 tomorrow
·       2:10 PM The Lawyer: mmmn….. today?
·       2:11 PM Sassy: Sure 
·       2:12 PM The Lawyer: hmm……….. wow
·       2:12 PM The Lawyer: that’s exciting…
·       2:13 PM Sassy: My husband has my car until 4 pm…
·       2:13 PM The Lawyer: your choice of place?
·       2:14 PM The Lawyer: I couldn’t leave before 4 if that’s ok with you
·       2:14 PM Sassy: Sure. Sounds perfect.
·       2:15 PM The Lawyer: wow!
·       2:15 PM The Lawyer: where would be good?
·       2:16 PM The Lawyer: you mentioned a place near you– the la quinta?
·       2:19 PM Sassy: I’m checking online to see if they have a room.  : )
·       2:19 PM The Lawyer:  : )
·       2:25 PM Sassy: They have rooms, $165 plus tax
·       2:26 PM The Lawyer: ok– if ok with you, I’ll bring cash
·       2:27 PM Sassy: I can get it down to $156 with Triple A.  : )
·       2:27 PM Sassy: One king bed and me? Sound good?
·       2:30 PM The Lawyer: one king bed and you sounds delicious!!!
·       2:31 PM Sassy: Okay… I’m going to do it. Think now… be sure. Don’t stick me with hotel room.
·       2:33 PM The Lawyer: will not stick you with it– I expect to leave early and meet you there– my cell is [redacted]– text me or call with room # when you arrive!! I can’t wait!!
·       2:34 PM Sassy: Yay! If something happens, call my Google Voice number at [redacted]
·       2:35 PM Sassy: It looks like a CA number
·       2:35 PM Sassy: but goes directly to my mobile
·       2:35 PM The Lawyer: excellent!
·       2:37 PM Sassy: I’ll bring water… anything else you like?
·       2:39 PM Sassy:  Directions: Take I-93 North. Exit 29. Bear right immediately onto Route 28 north. Take 1st right, wrapping around courthouse onto Middlesex Avenue alongside the Assembly Square Mall. Take a right onto Cummings Street at The 99 restaurant, hotel is on the right. Free parking.
·       2:41 PM The Lawyer: bring you!!
·       2:42 PM Sassy: Oh yes.
·       2:42 PM Sassy: A thought for the back of your mind… if you have fun… you could meet me there for an early breakfast in the morning, too.
·       2:43 PM The Lawyer: oooh….
·       2:43 PM The Lawyer: sounds really good!
·       2:44 PM Sassy: Just sayin…
·       2:44 PM The Lawyer: Hopefully I should have recovered by then.  ; )
·       2:45 PM Sassy: Doesn’t always occur to people that check-out isn’t until 11 am or so
·       2:45 PM Sassy: Maybe too much… or maybe not.
·       2:45 PM The Lawyer: will be fun to find out!!
·       2:47 PM Sassy: total with tax is $175.09
·       2:47 PM The Lawyer: ok… I’ll bring cash
·       2:49 PM Sassy: It’s a pleasure doing business with you.
·       2:49 PM The Lawyer:  ; )
·       2:49 PM Sassy: Thank you… btw
·       2:49 PM Sassy: It seems a crazy amt to me… but it will give us a lot of possibilities!
·       2:50 PM The Lawyer: we will enjoy ourselves
·       2:51 PM Sassy: Oh goodie goodie goodie!
·       2:52 PM The Lawyer: can’t wait– see you soon! now I must hustle!!
·       2:52 PM Sassy: Okay.  Will text with room #
·       2:53 PM The Lawyer: mmmm!! see you soon!
·       3:53 PM Sassy: Leaving now.
·       3:58 PM The Lawyer: see you– leaving in 5

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