Saturday, June 22, 2013
Good morning!  Hope you have a great Saturday!
Here’s a silly video clip – Brit announcer doing a Yankees game.
Ramblings of a Semi-Mad Man: Why The Hell Not? _ British Commentator for MLB
1:22pm Phil
Downtown to see a play.
[photo of the theater front]
Awesome!  You get to do such fun stuff!  Enjoy!
1:24pm Phil
Just trying to have a good time!
I might get to have a good time… fingers crossed for 3 pm meet!
Won’t believe it until I have my tongue down his throat!
Wish it was you…
8:04pm Phil
[photo of a huge fountain with Chicago skyline in the background]
I was kissed today!   Yum.
8:23pm Phil
Good for you! Always a nice thing
Still wish it had been you!

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