Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Good morning!  I’m volunteering to be your sunshine!  Have a great Wednesday!
8:51am Phil
Morning! Drenched from the rain!
[photo of his wet face and hair in the office in a damp uniform]

Have a great day!
Wow!  I’m wet looking at your smiling face!  Get an umbrella?  Or a mac?
9:41am Phil
Neither is effective when it’s raining sideways
9:42am Phil
Just nasty out
Nice here, headed to 64.
9:44am Phil
yeah yeah yeah.  84 at the beach, bastards

5:45 pm
Tried the new pasta dishes @Panera Bread – the pesto and the bolognese. They’re okay tasting, but not worth $10 and not as good as their soups!

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