Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Tuesday time, kid.  Have a phone date tonight with a chat buddy – so nice when men get to travel for business!  Enjoy your day!
8:37am Phil
Happy Tuesday! Enjoy your date! So many lost souls out there looking for answers to life. I think you find a job that is rewarding, enjoyable and where you can make a difference, take time for you, relax a little, find someone who makes you laugh, who makes you happy. Know that people change, if the happiness fades work on it, if you can’t fix it, move on and find new happiness.  Way too many unhappy people for absolutely no reason. Have fun Sass!
You going to take your own advice?
9:18am Phil
I have a job that I find rewarding and enjoyable, I do take time for me and to relax.  I’m working on the other part. I love my life from 6-6 5 days a week.  The rest, I enjoy sitting with the dogs, reading a good book, watching TV. I hear you though.
I gotta keep sassing you, kid.
1:46pm Phil
Need that once in awhile

5:42 pm
Yummy drinks and appetizers at PF Chang’s!  Half-price before 6 pm.

Cucumber strawberry limeade
Dynamite shrimp

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