Wednesday, April 3, 2013
8:22am Phil
You should have dinner with him.  Looks amazing, especially the oysters! The sex part is up to you. Do what you feel.
[photo of his face in the office in uniform]
Good morning handsome!  Gorgeous day here but COLD!  Maybe I’ll slurp down an oyster in your honor.  Have a great Wednesday!
11:44am Phil
watch that slurping stuff
I’m all for the oysters! Enjoy.
6:23pm Phil
Ha ha hee hee, they’re coming to take me away

[photo of his face at home with his tongue stuck out!]

And about time too!
6:24pm Phil
I am all dressed up… I hate that.
6:25pm Phil
How were the oysters?
7 pm reservation
6:25pm Phil
Or just going out?
It will be fine.  It will be fun.  Right.  Yes.  Fine.
6:27pm Phil
This is not an oyster
[photo of his cock and balls]
Have fun!
Oh!  You!  Yum. Thanks, kid.  Wish I could slurp that!
6:30pm Phil
Me too 
looks like a great place, enjoy

One thought on “Slurping

  1. You are a very Sassy Girl for teasing us and torturing us.

    Be safe, but have fun!

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