Panties Man Returns

Remember Panties Man?  He disappeared right after the holidays.  And reappeared three months later!  I wonder what happened?  We jumped right back in where we left off… him talking about meeting but it never happening. 
March 22, 2013 
·       Mar 22 3:22 PM Rick: hey!! remember me????
·       Mar 22 3:28 PM Sassy: HIya
·       Mar 22 3:29 PM Sassy: What’s up?
·       Mar 22 3:38 PM Rick: At work. It’s been so long!! I’m not online much, as you must have guessed. Work and life have been keeping me pretty darn busy.
·       Mar 22 3:39 PM Rick: How are things with you? Has the office drama calmed down? have you met anyone new?
·       Mar 22 3:39 PM Sassy: Great to know you’re still alive. 🙂  
·       Mar 22 3:39 PM Rick: Are you still sexy? Yes….I thought you were (and are!!) despite your comments to the contrary
·       Mar 22 3:40 PM Sassy: Rolling along… work is much calmer. Have new boss. 🙂 
·       Mar 22 3:40 PM Rick: do you like him/her?
·       Mar 22 3:40 PM Sassy: Can’t tell yet
·       Mar 22 3:40 PM Rick: ok.
·       Mar 22 3:40 PM Sassy: I am still fabulous and frisky.
·       Mar 22 3:41 PM Sassy: You met anyone else?
·       Mar 22 3:41 PM Rick: really! Good to hear! mmm….anywhere near Woburn right about now, so I can see for myself??
·       Mar 22 3:41 PM Rick: nope; no one on my dance card. Just work and school.
·       Mar 22 3:41 PM Sassy: How grim!
·       Mar 22 3:42 PM Sassy: Nope. At work… about to take Hubby clothes shopping. Bleh.
·       Mar 22 3:42 PM Rick: awww.
·       Mar 22 3:43 PM Rick: so, watcha wearing today? [laughing devil icon] 
·       Mar 22 3:43 PM Rick: anything pretty and sexy under those work clothes?
·       Mar 22 3:43 PM Rick: (that icon is me being a little devilish…but the icon is a bit more forceful than I had expected!)
·       Mar 22 3:44 PM Sassy: White bra you have seen in photo…. zzzz
·       Mar 22 3:44 PM Sassy: and blue floral panties. You?
·       Mar 22 3:45 PM Rick: just the normal guy-wear.
·       Mar 22 3:45 PM Sassy: You’re very cute when you’re devilish
·       Mar 22 3:45 PM Rick: (or maybe something else….
·       Mar 22 3:45 PM Sassy: what color?
·       Mar 22 3:46 PM Rick: awww, do I have to admit it?
·       Mar 22 3:46 PM Sassy: yup
·       Mar 22 3:46 PM Rick: mmmmm what if I don’t? 😉  
·       Mar 22 3:46 PM Sassy: thinking about slipping my fingers under them!
·       Mar 22 3:46 PM Rick: oh, man, that would be so hot.
·       Mar 22 3:46 PM Rick: tell me more…
·       Mar 22 3:46 PM Sassy: teasing, tantalizing… tasting!
·       Mar 22 3:46 PM Rick: tell me what you would enjoy doing; what would turn you on
·       Mar 22 3:47 PM Sassy: exploring your body
·       Mar 22 3:47 PMSassy: finding out what makes you moan
·       Mar 22 3:47 PM Rick: mmmmm….damn, we need to meet up to work on this.
·       Mar 22 3:47 PM Sassy: a very slow blow job
·       Mar 22 3:48 PM Rick: I have some Wed and Thur nights free for a couple of months, besides some Fridays. How do we make this work??
·       Mar 22 3:48 PM Rick: ohhhhh!!! I CRAVE having a blow job!!!
·       Mar 22 3:48 PM Rick: Please tell me what I need to do to get one!! Please; I’ll do nearly anything!!!
·       Mar 22 3:49 PM Sassy: You don’t need to do anything except present yourself and help me figure out a quiet spot
·       Mar 22 3:50 PM Sassy: And be nice to me. 🙂 
·       Mar 22 3:50 PM Sassy: Do you still want the negligee?
·       Mar 22 3:51 PM Rick: ok! but remember that I do like working for it; enjoy being dominated.
·       Mar 22 3:51 PM Sassy: I know…
·       Mar 22 3:51 PM Sassy: I’ll think on that
·       Mar 22 3:51 PM Rick: damn, i wish there was an easy, handy quiet spot. But I’ll work on this again. It is getting warmer, too, which presents more options.
·       Mar 22 3:51 PM Rick: oh! I’d love to see it!!!
·       Mar 22 3:52 PM Rick: and feel it…
·       Mar 22 3:52 PM Rick: and have you rub it on me, making me admit that I like it…
·       Mar 22 3:52 PM Sassy: I want you to have it.
·       Mar 22 3:52 PM Rick: really?
·       Mar 22 3:52 PM Sassy: Yes.
·       Mar 22 3:52 PM Rick: wow!
·       Mar 22 3:52 PM Sassy: If that is not problematic
·       Mar 22 3:52 PM Rick: honestly, it could raise questions in my house. I need to figure out how I can keep it.
·       Mar 22 3:53 PM Rick: now I’m getting pretty hard in my pants thinking about this. meeting up and you presenting it to me, making me admit I want to feel it.
·       Mar 22 3:53 PM Rick: you let me touch it and then you get me to admit that I want to try it on.
·       Mar 22 3:53 PM Sassy: that could be very fun
·       Mar 22 3:53 PM Rick: you make me admit it, and then beg to try it on, and I do (in this fantasy we’re in a room somewhere, obviously)
·       Mar 22 3:54 PM Sassy: I might have to run my hand up under it
·       Mar 22 3:54 PM Sassy: or down under it
·       Mar 22 3:54 PM Rick: once I’m wearing it, I’d be putty in your hands. you could do anything you wanted. This fantasy has you bending me over and playing with my ass, like those sites you showed me
·       Mar 22 3:54 PM Rick: yes…your hands would be all over me in it. I’d be your play thing!
·       Mar 22 3:54 PM Sassy: mmmm
·       Mar 22 3:55 PM Rick: I do tend to lose the focus after I ejaculate; in this fantasy you keep my focused, making me wear it long after I cum while you continue to play with me, or make me serve you
·       Mar 22 3:55 PM Rick: until I’m hard again. And then we play some more but you don’t let me cum, and make me get dressed with the nightie still on.
·       Mar 22 3:55 PM Rick: so I have to go home wearing it.
·       Mar 22 3:56 PM Sassy: wow… your brain is amazing1
·       Mar 22 3:56 PM Rick: wow….maybe I can find us a hotel room!
·       Mar 22 3:56 PM Rick: that just rolled off my head into my fingers. Did you like it?
·       Mar 22 3:56 PM Sassy: Yes.
·       Mar 22 3:56 PM Rick: mmmm….
·       Mar 22 4:00 PM Rick: wouldn’t it be fun to be in a hotel room, just the two of us, for a few hours?
·       Mar 22 4:01 PM Rick: we should start up by having other get-togethers first, just to spend some time with each other. I enjoyed speaking with you. And watching you as I brushed your arm with my fingers. And kissed you.
·       Mar 22 4:02 PM Sassy: I remember an electricity
·       Mar 22 4:02 PM Sassy: It would be good now that we might not be so nervous?
·       Mar 22 4:05 PM Rick: some nervousness is good.
·       Mar 22 4:06 PM Rick: with all that I shared after we last met, I wonder if you’ll be much less nervous and enjoy playing a more dominant role with my fetish. Maybe not…but maybe you’ll find yourself delightfully empowered by being able to manipulate me as your plaything.
·       Mar 22 4:08 PM Rick: ok, my friend, I need to be taking off. We need to seriously be in touch and find some time to get together. I have some time on Saturdays for a few weeks; what are you doing tomorrow??
·       Mar 22 4:09 PM Sassy: Nothing planned…
·       Mar 22 4:10 PM Rick: ok! I do have some schoolwork, but maybe????
·       Mar 22 4:10 PM Sassy: Yes.
·       Mar 22 4:10 PM Rick: just a casual meeting, if we can make it work. No expectations; just to say hello. 🙂 
·       Mar 22 4:11 PM Sassy: Sure
·       Mar 22 4:11 PM Rick: but if I were to get kidnapped….oh boy!
·       Mar 22 4:12 PM Sassy: Yum
·       Mar 22 4:12 PM Rick: ok, I do need to sign off; heading out. Might not be on tonight, but can check in. Feel free to write email and I’ll respond when I can.
·       Mar 22 4:12 PM Sassy: Just tell me where and I will be there.
·       Mar 22 4:12 PM Rick: (and dare I say that I am 100% for wearing…you know….so far in 2013. and what I had planned to be wearing tomorrow is pretty garish, so I’d be ripe for teasing for anyone who knew….)
·       Mar 22 4:13 PM Sassy: I will have to see it
·       Mar 22 4:13 PM Rick: We can check-in tomorrow; don’t know of a place off the top of my head, but we can figure something out.
·       Mar 22 4:13 PM Rick: well…I might resist letting you see it!
·       Mar 22 4:13 PM Sassy: I have my ways
·       Mar 22 4:13 PM Rick: actually, I know I will resist! I’d be blushing a storm.
·       Mar 22 4:14 PM Sassy: I’m going to put my hand on them
·       Mar 22 4:14 PM Rick: mmmm…thinking of you and your ways. ‘Come into my van to talk. Oh..the van is starting!! buckle up…..’
·       Mar 22 4:15 PM Rick: oh, man….that sounds soo exciting. But I will resist; and would love you using your ‘ways’ to break me down and submit. I have so many thoughts going through my head!
·       Mar 22 4:15 PM Sassy: Put your hand down there right now
·       Mar 22 4:15 PM Sassy: See my hand
·       Mar 22 4:16 PM Sassy: Stroke
·       Mar 22 4:16 PM Sassy: Now go
·       Mar 22 4:17 PM Rick: mmmm…yes ma’am!
·       Mar 22 4:17 PM Rick: talking like that makes me want to listen and obey you
·       Mar 22 4:17 PM Rick: i’m off! We’ll be in touch!

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