Lobster roll

Monday, March 25, 2013
Good morning!  Monday again.  Whee!
8:58am Phil
Feel like a mouse on a wheel.  Keep running and running and always end up at the same place!   Hope your week is good.
Look at The Wedge video for one minute.  The grandeur of nature has to perk you up!
4:28pm Phil
No youtube till after four.  Stupid rule but is what it is. Hope your weekend got better.  been busy today as I get more involved on the staff.  A little more fun than it has been.
Whose rule?  There is a lot of important work stuff on YouTube!
Glad to hear it is getting more fun.  You have the power!
4:30pm Phil
Big Wigs, we use it a lot but have to use our cell phones or wait till after hours.  Sucks
Had a lobster roll for supper!  Wish I could hand you one!!

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