Hearing him cum

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Good morning!  Up to 38 degrees!  I get to meet w/ HR and my union guy @ 2pm.  Yippee.  Hope your meetings are more fun! Mwah!
8:50am Phil
Yuck!  hope it goes well:)
10:13pm Phil
Dinner, Vinegar Jim’s, cool place!
[photo of his plate]

Holy cow!  Literally!  What are the sides?  Yum!
11:21 pm TEXT Phil2: Sent you an email
11:26 pm TEXT Me: No gots
11:27 pm TEXT Me: It just appeared!
11:27 pm TEXT Phil2: same email?
11:27 pm TEXT Me: Got it!  Mmmmmm
Three emails with photos and videos of him jerking off in the shower! 
11:27pm Phil
Hey girl
Hiya kid
11:29 pm TEXT Phil2: Just playing around
11:30 pm TEXT me: Yum
11:30 pm TEXT Phil2: Was it the video?
11:32pm Phil
Playing around
11:39 pm TEXT Me: Yes 3 seconds
What are you thinking about?  Hot mouths again?
11:40 pm TEXT Phil2: Was longer than that I thought
11:46 pm TEXT Me: Just a twitch
Got three of them… wow!
Mmmmph… want that.  Right here.  (points to my mouth)
11:56 pm TEXT Phil2: That sucks
11:56 pm TEXT Me: No I do!
Sweet dreams, kid.  Mwah!
12:12 am TEXT Phil2: Yes you do and very well too
12:12 am TEXT Me: I also lick
12:13 am TEXT Phil2: Nothing like shooting hot cum down your throat
12:14 am TEXT Me: You want that?
12:21 am TEXT Phil2: Oh hell yeah
12:21 am TEXT Phil2: Love that tongue on my balls and in my ass
12:25 am TEXT Me: Adore tasting you, teasing you
12:26 am TEXT Phil2: Mmmmmmm laying here stroking my cock
12:27 am TEXT Me: Think of my hand
12:28 am TEXT Me: Call? I wanna help you, hear you cum
12:34 am CALL 
[We talked for 13 minutes.  Yes, I heard him cum!]
12:38 am TEXT Me: Oh my… you are made of awesome!
12:49 am TEXT Phil2: 🙂

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