FFF Waiting Too Long

It’s Flash Fiction Friday time!  Pop over to Advizor54’s blog to see what he and other extraordinary writers saw in this photo!  My take is below.  Here’s this week’s prompt:

Word Limit = 175
Required Phrase – “Waiting too long”
Forbidden words – Sorry, Sorrow, Regrets, Pain
Extra Credit – Be nice this week.
Bonus Words – Tell us a true story of unrequited love (50 words)


Opening night!  The director strolled through the green room, admiring the flesh on display as actors changed into costume or sat topless in the make-up chairs.  She was searching for Horatio to run his fight choreography one last time, and give him a blow job behind the scrim.  
“Five minutes!” The stage manager called out.  “Thank you, Five,” echoed as cast and crew acknowledged the time to curtain.  It was getting late! 
She finally found him… half naked on stage, holding up a flat while the tech director and a stage hand frantically applied ivy to the fake wall.  His eyes found hers… he licked his lips.  The TD covered him, not realizing he was trapped.
“Places for Act 1!” came the call.  “Thank you places!” rang out.  They had waited too long!  The curtain began to rise.  Grabbing the exacto knife from her tool belt, the TD cut him free and he fell into the director’s arms!  He kissed her in full view of the audience stage left, then dashed to the make-up chair.  Bravo! 

2 thoughts on “FFF Waiting Too Long

  1. stellakiink says:

    Very nice! I like when one incorporates art into their art. 🙂

  2. Lucrezia says:

    To me this seems sassy with a hint of sweetness. I love how you ended the story. It left me wanting to read more. Whatever will Horatio do once the curtain falls?

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