Tuesday time travel

Tuesday time travel

Between Phil and You
September 14 at 7:19am
Good morning! Another beautiful morning here…cool, just a few high clouds, seagulls cawing, traffic zipping by at three levels (street, highway, expressway). All the dog walkers heading to the park with their precious pooches! There’s color in the trees… fall is definitely on the way.
September 14 at 7:44am
How are you doing this morning? I am worrying about your jet lag from our journey through my diary. Time travel can be a bitch. Worse than coming East across the International Dateline… it’s been five days of reading for me and I still feel like someone took my guts out and put them back in a new order. But I am getting used to it.
I should call you. I know it. But I am feeling shy and… exposed after last night. So I will just sit here and talk to you while you drive to D.C. And wait for you to tell me what it was like to read all that history. Your history. In a new light. Not sure if I want it to affect you or not. I don’t want it to hurt you, that’s for sure.
It’s like my mind is this big castle, and I shut off a wing. Walled it off and painted over the door. Now I am going back, disturbing the dust and renewing all my memories. And showing it to you. You remember that place. Been thinking of it for years. But you didn’t know about what was hidden in the walls. Eeep.
I’m ready to be back in the present. My new and shiny present day with you. But I can make a couple more trips back if you need someone to hold your hand while you process it. I tried to figure out “what it all means” both to “put it to bed” back there and for its impact on now. But I can’t figure it out. Going to try to put it on the back burner and let it steep awhile…
September 14 at 8:15am
There is a old movie called “Thief of Hearts” about a burglar who robs a woman’s home and takes a locked box he thinks is jewelry. It’s her journals. Her workaholic husband assures her the thief will throw them away. But she can feel the thief reading them.
And he is. And falling in love with her. So he finds her, and makes himself the man she described wanting – someone to have fun with, listen to her, value her mind and her body. Very sexy scenes… I felt that way last night. I could feel you reading… and wanted you to come find me. It’s good that you didn’t… I would have kept you awake for a long, long time. Mmm…
The movie is out on youtube in 10 minute pieces. I was just looking at the bit where he is reading and she is squirming. It is well made for an old B-movie. But you were cuter than Steve Bauer.
September 14 at 8:17am
It’s incredible what you do to me with a few little words… “Made it worse.”
[He called me while I was driving to work with my husband in the car.  I managed to talk to him without raising any suspicions… I think]

September 14 at 10:17am
I really want to talk more. But when? Lunch? Evening?
We have our big weekly all-staff meeting this morning… but before I go I wanted to say “multiple access points!” Hee hee…
Phil September 14 at 11:40am
You are so bad!

September 14 at 11:55am
Back at my desk. Smiling at you… while my mind explodes over the threesome in the car this morning! *cough*
Phil September 14 at 12:09pm
I have still not read all of the diary entries. It was too long to display on the phone. Will do that this afternoon. It’s hard to read about the hurt. I’m not sure how much I understood about love at 16 but I knew you loved me. I may very well have loved you too. I thought I was in love with some one else. So many things at that age. I remember the pain, sorrow, despair I felt and I have no doubt you felt the same. You had incredible passion, we had passion. I did not realize I wasn’t very nice. I have never deliberately hurt anyone. I have hurt people and its always bothered me. I’ve never gone after anybody or been deliberately nasty or vengeful. I’d be ashamed of myself if I did.
September 14 at 12:30pm
Oops! I knew it was too long.
One of the things I learned from reading it was that you didn’t just hurt me (which was mostly all I remembered before, if you recall). Between your memories and reading my little book, I got back our fun times, and sexy times. Lots of singing and laughing and cuddling.
Philip – please, please don’t judge your 16 year old self too harshly. We have to be very careful what we focus on. Those kids can tell us things. Some of them are important to hear. Much of it, no.
Nowhere did I say you were trying to hurt me. You weren’t nasty. If fact, I was thinking that you were almost too nice to me. Giving me hope when there was none. I completely get it that you were in love with someone else. I knew that then. It sucked all around. But the message I got last night was that we made the best of it. We ended up friends. We went on having fun for two years! Right?
Phil September 14 at 12:44pm
That’s absolutely right. We did have fun, still are.
September 14 at 1:14pm
You bet. Fun comes in many forms. Even this time traveling is fun. At times.
Part of what may be going on right now is that I’ve read more than I sent. I tried to balance it out, but all the emo stuff is…emo. I certainly had fun reading in the main diary – to see the notation “WOW!!!” on the bus ride date. It was so nice to know what that meant. Magic hands man. 🙂
September 14 at 1:16pm
I will try to leave you alone until you’ve read more and aren’t at work. Even though I want to you to fuck me so hard right now that we don’t know what time zone we’re in…or care.
Phil September 14 at 1:23pm
I got to read the rest. I do just want to bury my cock in you. I want to fuck you till you scream. I want to feel my cum shooting inside you. I want to feel your tongue in my mouth again. I want to taste you, want your tits in my mouth again, want to feel your lips around my cock, hell I just want to feel your hand on it. Wanted you to touch me so badly.

September 14 at 2:47pm
Of all the reactions I anticipated, diary-reading as an aphrodisiac… not one of them. But I totally feel it, too. It has turned up the heat. Again.
Yearning again. Aching. Impatient. Trying to quell it. Channel it. Any tips on how to make waiting fun? Easier? I know about
-have online sex.
-Talk on the phone.
-Cold showers.
-Brisk exercise.
None of that is working! 🙂
Phil September 14 at 2:53pm
Meet, get naked, fuck, suck, lick, touch, taste, squeeze, twist, thrust, moan, cum, do it again. That would make it easier.

Phil September 14 at 3:13pm
Just a thought of course.

September 14 at 3:29pm
If you work with me on the first one, I can see to the rest. 🙂
Will that make it easier? Or as you say…worse. I’d like to find out. *wink*

September 14 at 3:30pm
I like the way you think.
Phil September 14 at 3:34pm
Hell yeah. I worry that I’m not experienced enough, dick’s not big enough, gonna cum as soon as you touch me, you will be disappointed, you won’t be disappointed, but damn, I’m willing to find out!
September 14 at 3:50pm
Yes! Focusing on the negative works! Pessimism works. It cuts it down by about…2%!
Phil September 14 at 4:00pm
Well you have seen all the bits and pieces of my body. You did not snicker or say anything like, “is that it?” I can touch my nose with my tongue, I have long thick fingers, I am a willing student and what I may lack in skill, I can make up with enthusiasm.

September 14 at 4:26pm
Let’s see… you probably were just musing, but let me try to remove these impediments. So you can’t use them to mitigate. If I can’t get control of this, neither can you?
A. Experience? Does not matter. I am a good teacher. You are a quick study. There is no test. Try things. Feel good? Say so. Not so much? Say so. Try something else.
A lot of it is instinct. You have great instincts. You told me “it’s the mind, the attitude.” You’ve certainly got that…in spades.
Do you want to know how many men I’ve actually had inside me? Will that help or no? I can’t remember if men want to know this or not?
B. Dick size? What is the saying? It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with it? (there’s a better one I am not finding, but you know what I mean). Anyway, to use my experience here, I have had a grand time with guys of various sizes. You look better than most of them. The way we are, if you had nothing at all there, we’d still have a grand time.
C. Quick trigger – might be messy on the street outside the restaurant…but so what? Rest and go again? I see no shame in this. In fact, it makes me feel incredibly sexy.
D. Disappointment – hmmm…this is trickier. Is this the “no sparks” thing? Or something else?
E. Not disappointed? Is this “she will really want me, and then what will we do?” or what?
Did that help? Or “make it worse?”
September 14 at 4:52pm
Wow… you are so not helping me. Phrases like “I can touch my nose with my tongue, I have long thick fingers” do not calm me down or help me get work done. They make me pulse inside, which is damn inconvenient. But FEELS GREAT! 🙂
They make me go to expedia.com and look up flights! Arrrgh!
September 14 at 4:55pm
Ok. I am leaving here. I am going home. To my bunk. So I will be waiting, wanting you. To type things or say things! Really what I want is for you to DO THINGS! That make my insides do things… and blow my mind.
Phil September 14 at 5:01pm
LOL, funny. I do not have a quick trigger which is good. Be messy. How many men? Does not matter, sexy to hear and hear about though. Guess average size is good. I am a quick study. Will pick up on what you like. Disappointment: you said the sex was not great with one guy. I’m not worried about sparks. It’s you, there are sparks. Would love to hear more stories, experiences. Hot as hell. I am hoping we create a story.
September 14 at 5:10pm
We’ve got a whale of a story…trying to figure out if it’s a one-act play, a two-act play or a novel the size of “War and Peace!”
I know how it starts… we’re working on the middle part… what would happen if we wrote a book? People would not believe it.

Smart phone
Between Phil and You
September 14 at 6:52pm
My phone is so dumb. Working on getting a new one. A smart one. What do you have? Any recommendations?
Phil September 14 at 6:57pm
I have a blackberry. Love it. Does everything. Emailed you a photo

September 14 at 7:02pm
Looking at the Samsung Vibrant. Sister just got one and loves it. On T-mobile. Definitely want one that syncs with Android, google etc.
Current phone (Samsung t639) is a piece of crap…no battery life, doesn’t ring half the time, screen the size of a postage stamp.
For some reason, I am finding I want to be better connected. Have access to FB maybe. 🙂
Phil September 14 at 7:29pm
That phone will do all of that. About done with my workout. All pumped up now. Not so puny like in the pictures

Phil September 14 at 7:30pm
Waiting for my eggplant parm hero. Italian place conveniently located next to the gym

September 14 at 7:46pm
Oh…that’s sound great! I am home eating a turkey/swiss sandwich, with green beans on the side. Saving money.  Looking at sexy photos in email, talking to my sister in IM, my friend in the nursing home on the phone, and you on FB! Nothing like multi-tasking!
September 14 at 7:52pm
Ok. Dinner’s done. Dispatched other people. Hubby’s out. I’m all yours. Do with me what you will.
Phil September 14 at 8:15pm
Getting naked to jump in the shower.  Check email. Sent you three photos.  
September 14 at 7:32pm
Whew…it feels like we’re in the midst of about 10 different topics at once. Trying to figure out if I left anything unanswered…
The photos… there is nothing to say but WOW! Okay, I could say a lot more. But I am so hot I can’t type!
Phil September 14 at 7:33pm
Like I said, fat guy in front of the mirror.

September 14 at 7:41pm
Look…am I gonna have to smack you? You know you’re gorgeous. Cut it out. Fat is such a…bad word.
Phil September 14 at 8:38pm
Thinking about the first time I held your ass, the first time I saw your breasts and tasted your nipples, the first time my fingers slipped inside of you, tasting you and smelling you on my fingers and loving it, wanting more. 

Thinking about your hand closing around my cock, squeezing, stroking, my knees weak. You smile and say finally. You lean down and kiss the head of my cock, your tongue swirling around the head, you slowly take it into your mouth, so hot, so wet, the sight is amazing, so turned on, feels so good. Oh yeah baby, suck my cock, it feels so good.
September 14 at 8:51pm
So what do you want for your birthday?
Phil September 14 at 9:03pm
have no idea. Yeah was interesting having hubby sitting there while we talked. What did he say?

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