Brass tacks chat

Tuesday, September 14 chat
10:23pm  Phil Hey, girl.  If we’re going to meet, we need to figure out certain things.  Do you want me to bring condoms?
10:24pm Me Yes. You must not get me pregnant! 
10:26pm  Phil  certainly not with me, snipped years ago
i want to cum inside you
10:27pm Me  Tell me you can’t possibly have AIDS
10:27pm Phil  I can’t possibly have aids. Get tested every year and don’t fool around. Military requirement
10:28pm Me Man, this is getting down to brass tacks…isn’t it.
10:28pm Phil Never had any STD
10:28pm Me Yeah, me neither
10:30pm Phil simple matter of being careful and faithful.
10:30pm Me I got tested before I got married…haven’t had sex with anyone else since, and haven’t had an blood transfusions or IV drugs
10:30pm Phil  I was always a good boy, not a terribly exciting sex life but safe anyway
10:30pm Me So many of my friends died of it…made me wicked paranoid.
10:34pm Phil  glad you are still here and healthy
10:35pm Me  Amen to that. Same to you.
10:36pm Phil  Have swinger friends who have lived that life style forever. they are careful and healthy. she has a thing for me. Have been naked in the hot tub with them but never more than drinks and hanging out
10:37pm Phil  You know I would wear a condom if you wanted me too. I will never do anything or ask you to do anything you are uncomfortable with
10:41pm Phil  I do want to taste that pussy and I want to slide my tongue down the crack of your ass. Damn, I’m horny. again
has something to do with talking to you
10:42pm Phil  the thought of you bringing me to the edge over and over just turns me on so much. 
10:44pm Me Front and center and ready for your tongue.
10:46pm Phil Show me that pretty pussy
10:46pm Me I do wish you had been the first…somehow think it would have been better.
10:46pm Phil  do you like to be licked?
10:47pm Me  Yes. It drives me absolutely insane.
10:47pm Phil would have been special I think.
10:47pm Me Of course, I feel like a virgin is some ways, with it being so long.
Don’t know what works anymore…
10:47pm Phil cool, I am going to drive you insane. Want you to cum on my tongue
means it’s going to be tight
10:48pm Me I had to put a towel on my desk chair, you know.  I may sing to you…
10:49pm Phil good, love the thought of your juices running down your ass. Would love to lick them up
10:49pm Me I sing a lot…
10:49pm Phil that would be nice
I like that, it’s hot as hell
10:51pm Phil I want to be looking INTO YOUR EYES as I enter you. Nice and slow, enjoying the feeling, enjoying each other
10:52pm Me Mmph…that caused a huge twinge..
10:53pm Phil I want to kiss you, long and hard before we start to move
10:53pm Me where are your hands at that point? Trying to see it…
10:54pm Phil then slowly at first then faster and harder, deeper, the sound of our flesh slapping together, my balls bouncing off your ass
my hands are on your breasts
I need to touch them, taste them, see them, rub my wet cock on your nipples, slide between them
10:56pm Me Oh!  You have the best ideas…Philip…
10:59pm Phil I’ve had lots of time to think about it
11:00pm Phil oh Sassy, cum on my cock, I want to feel it
11:01pm Me  I thought I had turned all that off…but no, it seems like it was building up inside me and is pouring out now…
11:01pm Phil I want to taste us together
11:01pm Me you can do that.
11:01pm Phil oh yes, fuck me back, give it all to me
11:03pm Me  Yes, you will not be in this alone…I am going to be right there with you every step. Making sure you know it’s me. and how what you do makes me feel…how your touch and your tongue light me up
11:04pm Phil mmmmm, I want to lick and kiss you every where
11:05pm Me How are we going to decide who gets to go first? Flip a coin?
11:05pm Phil  I’ll know it’s you. It will happen like it happens
11:06pm Me Or is there an order of events that make sense… hmmmm… something to ponder
which do you want more…
11:06pm Phil believe me, I’m not going to fight about who does who first
11:06pm Me heh….Girls are trained to let the guy lead… tough to break that.
11:07pm Phil I want to taste you, to make you cum. That’s what I want, I can wait
11:08pm Me Oh, man…
11:09pm Phil I want to slip my tongue into your ass, I want to see how you react, what gets you going
11:09pm Me there’s all sorts of language that seems natural right now, but I don’t know if you’re ready for that…
11:09pm Phil I’m ready for anything
11:11pm Phil you first always. I know you will make me very happy. That’s what you used to say
11:11pm Me I said I’d make you happy?
11:11pm Phil I know I will be satisfied beyond my dreams.
11:12pm Me Did you see the crack about 8 inches in my diary?
11:12pm Phil you did 
I did see that
11:12pm Me Heh
11:14pm Me I was so glad that was there… to lighten things up a bit.
and to show that I wanted you back…that way.
11:15pm Phil I did laugh when I saw it
11:16pm Me Even if I didn’t really know what it meant!
11:16pm Phil  I wanted you too. Always have
11:17pm Me That feels like a miracle to me…I had completely given up.
11:18pm Me This has been the most amazing month…
so where do you want to go now? An old favorite? A new something? More after dinner thoughts?
11:19pm Phil you never flinched when my hands slipped down your pants and I held your ass, you did not flinch when my fingers slipped inside you, you did not flinch when my lips closed around your nipple
11:19pm Me You were magic… felt so right…electric
11:20pm Phil tell me what you would do with your hands or mouth
11:20pm Me Do you want sassy or sexy?
11:21pm Phil both
11:21pm Me oooh…
I can see you sitting in a big chair…
11:21pm Phil  I am in a big chair
11:21pm Me I’m going to sit sort of half on you lap… and kiss you deep and fierce
11:22pm Phil umm I like that
11:22pm Me then kiss your ear and make low sexy noises…
maybe a sucking sound
until you take a quick breath
then kiss your neck…
11:22pm Phil I just did
11:23pm Me and kiss your marvelous shoulders….
11:23pm Phil  oh yeah
11:23pm  Me I’m going to write things on your chest with my fingers…
make little patterns…tease you
smile…that knowing smile…
11:23pm Phil  oh yeah
11:24pm Me pay proper attention to your nipple… tugging with my teeth, tweaking with my index finger…
11:24pm Phil I love to have them licked, sucked, bitten
feels so good
11:25pm Me check out your muscles….
then slide down a bit
kiss each hip
11:25pm Phil  my muscle is hard
11:26pm Me blow a big raspberry on your tummy and make you giggle…
11:26pm Phil tease me baby< I like it
11:26pm Me then I will look up into your eyes…
I will probably be talking to you…
telling you what I am going to do
11:27pm Phil yes……………
11:27pm Me making you burn….
11:27pm Phil  tell me
11:27pm Me maybe some mushy sentimental stuff…
maybe some dirty words…
make George Carlin proud.
11:28pm Phil talk dirty to me, I love it
11:28pm Me I may ask you if you like what I am doing…
I may tell you the secrets of the universe…
as I make my way down your body.
11:29pm Phil i like it
11:29pm Me I’m going to look at you… you will see what that does to me.
then I will touch your legs…get them just where I want them so I can fit between them.
11:30pm Phil I love that. I want to see you, enjoy the look – lust, love all combined
11:30pm Me maybe hum a little…then let you feel the vibration different places…
11:31pm Phil oh yeah, vibration is good
11:31pm Me You are going to get a little impatient…very natural… might beg a little…
11:32pm Phil  thrusting my hips up, I want it so bad
11:32pm Me I will pay attention to those signals…
at just the right moment… I will slip onto the floor
and put my fingers on you…
watching your face…
11:33pm Phil oh yeah, oh finally, been so long, touch me
11:34pm Me I will use my hands…
one on your cock…
one underneath, I think
learn your body
11:34pm Phil  eyes closed BUT I want to watch, moaning, squirming, thrusting, please
11:34pm Me gently stroke
take your balls in my other hand…
11:35pm Phil  oh yes
11:35pm Me different things… see what makes you react the most.
11:35pm Phil  oh yes, Sassy, it feels so good
11:36pm Me try to figure out a way to get you higher. but not too fast.
run a finger around the rim of your ass…
turn you just a bit so I can get to the ass more
11:37pm Phil  oh yes, lifting my hips, so good
11:37pm Me then when you are really revved up
I will start licking…
probably in from your hip…
so it builds up…
11:38pm Phil oh my cock is jumping
11:38pm Me and finally
start sucking the tip, running my finger under the head…
11:39pm Phil  oh yes, oh yea baby, suck me
11:39pm Me then start testing…seeing how deep I can take it…
worry about my teeth…
be very careful…
11:39pm Phil  don’t worry about teeth
I can feel it, hot wet
11:40pm Me
I will try to leave enough of your mind intact so you can tell me what is best… may not be able to the first time…
11:41pm Phil  oh Sassy, so hot
11:41pm Me  I will put a hand on your ass, the other on your cock, so I can have some control over your rocking…
then tip down, or up…looking for the best angle…
You will be wondering if I am going to let you cum in my mouth…
interesting question…
and if I will swallow it…
11:43pm Phil umm, all feels amazing
will you?
will you?
11:44pm Me will it make you happy?  will it blow your mind?
11:45pm Phil yes but only if you want to
11:45pm Me we’ll see…let’s say that I do…
11:46pm Phil  ok, good enough for me
11:46pm Me it is totally possible…
11:47pm Me i’ve done it before… not often, I can do it again… for you…
11:48pm Phil ummmm, kiss me, want to taste my cum on your tongue.
11:48pm Me oh, yes…that is definitely my plan.  Mmmm.. you taste so sweet. 
11:48pm Me I will pop back up and hold onto you while you shake…
and kiss you ever so deeply
11:49pm Phil  oh yeah
11:50pm Me it depends on the chair, but it might be possible to sit in your lap just a certain way
and press you inside me while you are still resting…
then feel you grow…
11:51pm Phil oh yeah, still hard, feels so good
11:51pm Me press my tits against your chest…
then start moving…
with your hands on my hips…
11:52pm Phil  fuck me Sassy
11:52pm Me then you’d work them around my back, press me close to you…
and I would ride…
your cock
like a Western saddle…
11:53pm Phil  ride me cow girl
11:53pm Me yee haw
11:56pm Phil ummm, made a mess again
11:57pm Me cool..what was the tipping point?
11:59pm Phil  ride me cowgirl
12:00am Me heh…. thought the saddle might do it…
12:01am Me Had me soaring
12:02am Phil  wow
midnight, wish we could curl up and go to sleep
12:03am Me was just thinking that…
And how my online fellatio still works..
is that spelled right?
I don’t know why we can’t seem to make you come at 9 pm…
12:04am Phil  yup, and it worked
12:04am Me will have to work on that.
12:04am Phil no lie
12:05am Me mmm…
12:05am Phil  sent you the picture of what you do to me
12:05am Me I like to bless each hour of the day with a little sperm.
I’ll alert the cat.
12:05am Phil  lol I’ll send toona
12:06am Me He’s sleeping on my hand….he can’t type very well
but he knows what he wants.
12:07am Phil  I’m sure he does
12:07am Me What a day!  
threesome, time travel, condoms…
12:08am Phil  smells like cum in this little room
12:08am Me cum in my mouth… never a dull moment around you!
12:08am Phil we covered the gambit
I do try
12:08am Me barely scratched the surface…so much more…tomorrow!
12:09am Phil  uh huh picture of the mess you caused
12:09am Me maybe I’ll do your back tomorrow…
12:10am Phil  ooooh
12:10am Me the flip side…
we are going to be dynamite
12:10am Phil  I’ll go to sleep with that on my mind.
12:11am Me Sleep well.
12:12am Phil  oh yeah. Go to bed, you too. Pleasant dreams
12:12am Me No chance of sleep right now…going to read back over this chat…
 think about you lying there
maybe make some notes for tomorrow…
12:13am Phil I will be asleep goodnight Sassy
12:14am Phil LOL cool
12:15am Me good night, my sweet man.

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