Sexy texts

A Series of Sunday sexy texts
Phil August 29 at 5:34pm
Hey, I like the glasses! 

Looks like your breasts would be amazing with a little lotion between them and a hard cock sliding between them. Not sure what you have done or not done. Would you take me into you mouth given the chance? Would love to feel your mouth slide over my cock, your hair falling to the side. Your hands holding my balls. 

Do you have a favorite sexual position? I’m a fan of missionary, I like the women on top riding me and I also love to be behind. Sitting here very hard, cock in hand, thinking about that. Can’t stop thinking about you stroking me to the point of cumming and then backing off and making it last. I could sit here and get off right now, I have a steady flow of pre-cum for lubrication but not ready yet. Maybe we can chat this week and get off together. I’d love to be stroking my cock, while your fingers were pleasing your wet pussy. That’s a very hot visual for me. Guess I’ll tuck it back in for now and go behave myself. Have a good afternoon Sassy.
Phil August 29 at 6:16pm
Moaning is a good thing. My only expectation when I first contacted you was to say hello and catch up with where life has taken us. It is so nice to hear the sassy girl. You were indeed sexy and sassy and fun. You were direct and not the least afraid to say what you wanted. I remember us being fun and very sexy while still well behaved. 

Life is a short journey, too short to never take any risks. I’m not looking for anything. I have no expectations. We have had a good time being flirtatious and having fun. I’ve had to go to my bunk a couple of times. I’m very excited about the opportunity to meet, have dinner, what ever. If something other than dinner happens, we will both feel that at dinner and dinner won’t take very long. 

I don’t believe in regrets. I have had wonderful experiences in life. Some turned out great, some not so much. I don’t regret anything though. I’d do it all again. What I regret is missed opportunities that I never took advantage of. I have always wondered about you. I have fantasized about you often over the years. More later.
[He texted me two full-length NAKED photos…with a hand covering his genitals]
August 29 at 8:24pm
HIO,,,thisss is the catt. The hooman lady dat feeds meeee wasz gonna write u,. Butt sheez passedddddd outta on the flour after zhe loskdoded at som pix. Bring toona. Kthnx by
Phil August 29 at 8:32pm
Got a betta one 🙂
That’s cute.
[He texted me a photo of him standing sideways with his cock erect]
August 29 at 9:24pm
You are an imp! A very handsome mischievous imp!
There I was, earlier today, standing in the bathroom mirror in a soft old t-shirt with a low neckline where the shoulders slide off, trying to figure out if it’s okay to show off a shoulder and a little cleavage without being burned at the stake as a wanton woman, and you are going full monty on me! Holy cow!
Those photos? I stared and stared…yowza. You are so amazing to look at.
At first, I thought I should say you should leave something for me to discover in person, but what I will say instead is this:
Now turn around and let me see the other side. 🙂
[He texted me a photo of his naked backside]
August 29 at 10:08pm
What would I like us to do? I have no idea right now. Have you done all this sexy stuff and want more? Or are you wishing to try? You don’t have to give details…just want to get some idea.
I am an odd mix right now. Do you want the good news or the bad news?
The bad news is that I’m like that that virgin girl – not shy or inhibited but terrified, with no confidence, not knowing what to do physically. I haven’t done anything for years. YEARS. I mean nothing. So I don’t know what I like anymore or even what is possible. I am not an athlete, never was. And I am wicked rusty and out of practice. Will it be like riding a bicycle, and all come back to me? Hope so. Lots of practice may be required. 🙂
On the good news front, I have lots of fantasies, and read and written erotic fiction, so my mind is very open.
And I had a very wild time as a young adult, and I live in a very liberal community. So I’ve done a lot – not going to write out a list but…I’ve done it. I can tell you stories if you like…but perhaps that’s best left to in person so I can watch your jaw drop and your dick rise. If you want to know now whether I’ve done any particular thing now, I can tell you. If you promise to try not to get weirded out.
Is there anything you could ask me to do that I wouldn’t try?
It boils down to “no threesomes and no lesbians.” And I am a little iffy on anal sex, as I got hurt that way when someone got carried away.  But I would probably trust you to try whatever.
I balk at multiple partners in the same bed. Not because of any philosophical objection, but due to the difficulty of keeping the emotional stuff from getting too complicated, and because I get so excited that I stop being able to think very quickly and can’t keep track of what I am supposed to be doing to whom…sort of the “can’t chew gum and walk at the same time” problem on a grander scale, so I have a hard time holding up my part of the activities.
I’ve had girl crushes and lusted after certain women, but when it gets to a bedroom, my strong hetero side and puritanical upbringing or something takes over and I just can’t do it.
I have this incredible trust in you, and a deep urge to show you how I feel and rock your world. My hope is that sparks will fly and we can tell each other what feels good, what we want and make it happen.
Sorry for another long answer…but communication is a good thing, right?
August 29 at 10:11pm
Had dinner with my folks. They honeymooned at your beach. In 1950. Heh.
August 29 at 10:13pm
I wish I could wolf whistle…you may have the hottest backside I have ever seen. And the shoulders…oh, oh..oh. That last photo caused quite a reaction.
August 29 at 10:14pm
Are you still traveling or home?
Phil August 29 at 10:16pm
August 29 at 10:23pm
So what are you seeing…if meeting/dinner could go just as you want it…what would happen? This can get a reaction from me now, and perhaps a game plan for later. I’d like to make your dreams come true…

August 29 at 11:57pm
So…talking on the phone. Sometime this week? Or is it too soon? Or maybe you’re not comfortable doing that? Or maybe my number on your cell phone bill could cause trouble…
The possibility of hearing your voice is tantalizing. (And being able to use my hands for something other than typing.)
I will hope for a time when hubby is out. Will ping you on FB chat some evening when the coast is clear? If you’re up for it…

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