Brownie lasagna

July 10, 2019 Wednesday
7:29 AM Sassy
Good morning! We made it to Wednesday! 
Hope you have a good one!! 
Today is dermatologist day. Heh.
12:32 PM Phil
Geez, appointments! 
Hot gorgeous day today.
Got shorts and flip flops in the car.
Hope your day is grand!
12:42 PM Sassy
Done with dr. 
Hope that’s the last one for me for awhile!

8:10 PM Sassy
Tasty trip to Olive Garden including brownie lasagna!

House Salad
Sausage soup
Warm Garlic breadsticks
Mushroom ravioli
Sausage spaghetti with meat sauce
Brownie lasagna with vanilla cream cheese frosting

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