Trooping the Colour

June 8, 2019 Saturday

7:16 AM Sassy
It’s the Queen’s official birthday!

The BBC is showing the festivities live!

2019 Trooping the Colour

The Brits are so brilliant at pomp and circumstance!

8:07 AM Sassy
Good morning!
We’re having perfect weather this morning! The balcony door is open!

8:24 AM Sassy

8:36 AM Phil
Is it Pride day? Didn’t know. Happy Pride Day. May our world become a more tolerant place.

8:40 AM Sassy

Huge parade in Boston today! They’re marking the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riot that many credit with starting the movement. I have wonderful memories of marching and celebrating with our church group back when it was a radical thing.

10:09 AM Sassy
There’s a celebration in D.C. today too!  Different cities do it on different days.

7:28 PM Sassy

The new restaurant that mesmerized us this week made Eater Boston’s Heatmap for June! Well deserved 9Zaab Thai Street Food!

8:07 PM Sassy

#25 is sounding really good to me right now…Nothing!

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