May 12, 2019 Sunday

11:35 AM Sassy
Delicious Brunch at Mass Ave Diner in Cambridge

Carnitas Chilakilies
French toast
My Dave’s banana walnut pancakes
11:36 AM Sassy
Watching the movie about Aretha Franklin “Amazing Grace” at the Kendall Square Cinema! 
1:41 PM Sassy

A time capsule from 1972

Amazing Grace: Why Aretha movie lay hidden for 50 years

1:59 PM Sassy

More about Alexander Hamilton, the dynamic choir director who appeared in “Amazing Grace The Movie” and was almost as interesting to watch as Aretha! He’s still alive and doing gospel music.

2:08 PM Sassy
Mick Jagger recalls being in the congregation at Aretha’s gospel album recording in 1972

9:03 PM Phil
Hope you had a fabulous day!
9:04 PM Sassy
It had its moments! You’d like the Aretha movie
9:05 PM Phil
Just saw that posted. She was spectacular. 
Loving the weather out here! 
9:05 PM Sassy
It poured most of today here…
9:05 PM Phil
So pretty here. 
Waiting on the call for dinner. 
Sipping great Beers
9:06 PM Sassy
You got a fancy hotel?
I have a sore throat… taking DayQuil and going to bed early! Have fun!
9:52 PM Phil
Awwww, hope you feel better

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