Mr Crepe

April 23, 2019 Tuesday

8:50 AM Sassy
It’s Tuesday time! Hope yours is terrific!

2:33 PM Sassy
Lunch at Border Cafe in Harvard Square Cambridge

Hubby’s chicken fajitas
Crawfish etouffee appetizer
Free chips and salsa

6:48 PM Phil
Happy Tuesday!
Been so busy at work! The day flies by. Hope your day was good.

7:08 PM Sassy
I figured. I’m going to a Shakespeare Slam tonight!
It’s his birthday!

7:12 PM Sassy
Lamb crepe at Mr Crepe in Davis Square Somerville

7:17 PM Phil
Cool! Have fun! 

The pace is crazy but I love every second of it

7:52 PM Sassy
I’m so happy to hear that!

9:25 PM Sassy

Shakespeare Slam with birthday cake!

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