Flag socks

April 7, 2019 Sunday

7:14 AM Sassy

8 of the surviving Apollo astronauts got together for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and Buzz Aldrin’s outfit stole the show

7:26 AM Sassy
Thought you’d like the flag socks.

7:30 AM Phil
I have a pair of those!
Thought the suit was cool too!
7:31 AM Sassy
I wish there was a close up – I may go look for one. He’s a hoot!

7:32 AM Phil
Always has been

8:13 AM Sassy

Apparently it’s International Beer Day! Enjoy!

1:11 PM Phil
Cool! I am!

1:15 PM Sassy
Sunday brunch at home! Bacon quiche with English muffin with raspberry jam and fresh kiwi

6:27 PM Sassy
Chinese dinner at Mary Chung’s in Central Square Cambridge

Fried shrimp for me and beef teriyaki for Hubby
Egg rolls for Hubby
Peking ravioli
All the suan la chow show for me! Pork wontons 
in a spicy soy sesame sauce with bean sprouts!

7:50 PM Sassy

The grandson of the founder of the Iditarod won the Kobuk 440! Congratulations to Rookie Ryan Redington!

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