Sea anemone

April 5, 2019 Friday

7:11 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!

7:15 AM Phil
Happy Friday!

7:16 AM Sassy
You heading out on an adventure?

7:41 AM Phil
Doggies to the vet and maybe out for lunch

9:04 AM Sassy
A true sign of spring!

6:12 PM Sassy
Hope your weekend is off to a grand start!

I can’t recommend this, but it made me think of you.

10:37 PM Phil
I love it!

[We had a discussion about his new job… he is facing an intense challenge!] 

10:39 PM Sassy

10:40 PM Phil
Tough situation to walk into

10:40 PM Sassy
You’re probably better equipped to do it than many people

10:42 PM Phil
Dealt with this before unfortunately. 

They are looking for me to be a healer and fixer. 
Have to tread lightly but firmly

10:43 PM Sassy
You know most of that road

10:44 PM Phil
Yeah, no fun

10:46 PM Sassy
Maybe listen a lot

10:47 PM Phil
That’s an absolute requirement and go slow

10:47 PM Sassy
I remember you dealing with something similar

10:48 PM Phil
It’s always hard

10:48 PM Sassy
I was just reading about a the first Maine State Trooper to die in the line of duty in 22 years

31 year old guy… was an instructor – mostly in polygraph use for detectives… stopped to help a motorist whose car went into the ditch in the snow. Front tire came off a logging truck and slammed into him… bizarre

10:50 PM Phil
That’s a tough profession. When it’s your time

10:50 PM Sassy
6 month old son.

The cop who writes the Bangor FB page was struck silent…hasn’t posted since

Just so odd… all the things you worry about and try to protect yourself from and your number comes up with a flying tire?

I wish you were here… I’d take you Lobsta Land tomorrow!

The Lobster chowder is calling me

10:56 PM Phil
I’d like that. Going to get oysters though
Love lobster chowder

I bet Lobsta land makes a great lobster roll

Wish I had an answer for why things happen. I have a hard time believing that tire or the mess I’m facing was part of any plan

11:06 PM Sassy
Never had one-I like my lobster like my men. HOT

11:07 PM Phil
Oooh! Lobster roll isn’t bad though

I prefer it hot too

11:11 PM Sassy

What time did you wake up today?

11:15 PM Phil
6:00, same time tomorrow

11:16 PM Sassy
Have a sea anemone

11:16 PM Phil

11:17 PM Sassy
Aren’t those colors something?!

11:17 PM Phil

Time to play and then off to bed

11:19 PM Sassy
Have fun!

11:19 PM Phil
Yes ma’am

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