Mass start

April 4, 2019 Thursday

6:38 AM Sassy
Good morning Phil! 
We made it to Thursday!
One week til the big reception at work. Whee!

6:58 AM Phil
Good morning! Rolling into my last week with the old job and it’s my Friday!

7:00 AM Sassy
Wow! Hope it ends easily.

8:19 PM Sassy
I found out there is another dog sled race after the Iditarod!  There are 16 mushers, including my favorite – Nic Petit from Girdwood! 

Here’s a drone shot of the “mass start” at Kobuk 440 Sled dog race. Unlike the Iditarod where mushers take off every two minutes, they drop a hat at this race and everyone mushes off across the ice in front of the hotel in Kotzebue in far northwestern Alaska!

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