Meet #30 Tilted Kilt

March 22, 2019 Friday

I took today off to see The Northerner!

I woke up early puzzling about some stuff from work. My broker called at 8:55 am to start talking about my retirement plan. I went ahead and got up and did some work, then took a shower and dressed for my meet! I wore my blue paisley leggings and a navy blue Henley top – casual and comfortable!

I texted Stryder, a guy I know online who visited last year.  He is a frequent visitor to Hooters, so I could ask for advice on how to have fun at such places. He said give the guy a blowjob in my car before we go in, and play with him under the table! Heh.  Not the Northerner’s speed in either case.

It was a cold, rainy, foggy day! A good day to spend indoors! Driving was grim.

Lunch at The Tilted Kilt

I pulled into the parking lot about 10 minutes early and Brett tapped on my window right away! We scurried between the raindrops into the building.

Foursquare photo on a drier day

It was mostly empty except for a bunch of guys at the bar watching the NCAA basketball March Madness. I was the only woman patron! We got seated at a high four-top. He looked so handsome in his leather bomber jacket, plaid button-down shirt and silky black dress slacks!

I had a fancy fruity mocktail to drink, and the fried chicken with garlic toast, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. He had a plain burger and fries with hot tea.

Our waitress had on black slacks and a t-shirt that said “I never read without my glasses” and showed two wine glasses filled with red wine.  She was at least my age or older.

There were two younger waitresses in the trademark tiny plaid tops and mini skirts but they had jackets on and never came near us. He did enjoy watching their mini skirts flap as they walked. I asked if he had been to a bar like this before and he said no. He asked if I had? No. I told him about the advice I got from an online friend who goes to Hooters. I squeezed Brett’s knee and he chuckled.

I told him I had given notice at work and would be leaving in three months. He asked what I’d be doing and whether I’d still want to see him? I told him I definitely would, maybe more if he could swing it but if not, keep on as we are as long as we enjoy it! He said he was worried about me having enough to do. I couldn’t tell if he was serious or not. He said he never wants to retire – it frightens him to think of being stuck at home. I pointed out he does not have to stay home – he can volunteer, or play golf or go on trips or whatever he likes! He scoffed.

We talked about my latest community project and how well that was going. I told him about my getting lost for two weeks in the Iditarod. We talked about the NCAA Basketball Tournament and how neither of us are involved in the office pool.

We had an interesting conversation about when we learned about various sexy things and made up our minds to take action outside our marriages. I reminded him it is a recent phenomenon for me – less than 10 years – since my Old Flame found me and I started to learn about myself, and that sex could be fun, and that there are all sorts of positions and kinks!

He had asked in the last email what my secret is, how I make him feel so good? I told him I had been thinking about it and didn’t have an answer, and wondered if he did? He said it is that I make it easy for him, that there is no drama, no worry that I’ll rat him out, that he can do what he likes and I seem to like it too!

He paid cash for lunch. I offered to help with that but he declined. He said he had to go to the bathroom and he’d meet me at the hotel. I dashed out to my car in the rain.

Meet at the hotel

I went across the street to the Doubletree Hilton Bedford Glen and checked in. He was right around the corner to take the key and help find the room. We were in room 2027 this time, on the same floor as the lobby, only down one hallway and one right turn! He bemoaned the fact that there would not be any smooching in the elevator. I told him we could ride up and down if he wanted! He chuckled and shook his head. I rubbed on his back and groped his ass as we strolled down the hall. He sighed and smiled.

He made the keycard work easily and we went in to the room, facing out onto their lovely inner courtyard with the gazebo. I took off my coat and glasses and set down my stuff, and grabbed him for a hug! We squeezed each other tight! It sounds so mundane, but when I haven’t had a man touch me in six weeks, it is the MOST AMAZING FEELING!

I had to go to the bathroom – I hate having to waste time doing that but when nature calls…

When I came out, he was naked on the bed, lying on his side alluringly! I did a strip tease for him… slowly removing items of clothing and bending and turning to make it a bit fun. I crawled into bed and we kissed a bit then he had me lie flat while he sucked on my left breast and played with my clit. He did that for a long time while I moaned and squirmed and wiggled. I finally moved around so my ass was against him, and spread my legs over his hip. He teased my clit with his cock. He did that for a very long time. I was puzzled… wondering if he was having trouble getting hard or what? I put my thumb in his mouth and pressed it in and out. I asked if I could help him somehow and he shrugged. He continued, then rolled flat and sighed.  That hasn’t happened in a long time.

I rolled next to him and started playing with his cock. He smiled and closed his eyes. I got it to come to life pretty quickly! He grabbed a condom from the night stand and returned to lie on his side next to me. I put my legs over his hip and he slid inside me and pounded me until I was shrieking and he was shaking and filling the condom with white hot cum! We stayed connected for a long time. I felt so good!

I finally moved and backed up to spoon against him, pressing every inch of my skin against him from toes to shoulder. He put his arm over me and played with my breast and nibbled on my neck and shoulder.

After awhile I turned to face him. I disposed of the condom and played with his cock some more and it came to life again! He sucked on my ear and kissed me several times.

I told him a naughty story about me not wearing underwear and him playing with my chest and slit in a restaurant. His eyes grew wide and he grinned. I asked if he wanted to be inside me again, where it’s hot and wet and tight? He smiled. I asked which position he wanted. He said it was up to me. I had very little brain to be creative, so I asked for doggy. He grabbed another condom while I rolled over on my tummy, scooted my ass up and he slid inside me. Mmm…

He grabbed my hips and pounded me… so good… in and out…. And he came again in short order. We collapsed next to each other and rested a bit, basking in the afterglow.

I told him I felt like singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from the “Wizard of Oz.” He giggled and hummed a few bars then told me it was one of the first songs he learned on the piano. I didn’t know he played! I told him my dad taught me “In the Mood” early on. We talked about him playing the organ and piano – Bohemian Rhapsody, Pink Floyd, Jesus Christ Superstar. I told him about sneaking over to the church to sing and play the grand piano!

He talked about the evils of plastic and whales being found with tons of it inside.

We had a last cuddle, kissing and touching and hugging… I told him, I think for the first time (as I try not to sound desperate or greedy), that I wished we would stay, have some dinner, hang out and play more! He sighed and smiled wistfully.

Heading out

He took a shower while I used the toilet. I threw on my clothes. He dressed and gave me $100 to cover the room and left some cash on the bed for the maid.

We strolled off down the hallway back to the lobby. He stopped as we got to the exit and said he had to go to the bathroom and would say goodbye. I gave him a big smile and dashed out into the cold to my car.

I ate the cookie and drank the bottle of water the front desk gave me, checked the GPS on my phone for their advice on how to get home, and headed down the road smiling. We had a low key time today, and it was still the best day I’ve had in a long time!

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