Giving notice

March 20, 2019 Wednesday

8:28 AM Sassy
Have a wonderful Wednesday Philip!

10:55 AM Phil
You too! Enjoy the day!

10:55 AM Sassy
Happy spring!

10:56 AM Phil
Oh wow! I forgot! Happy Spring!

2:10 PM Sassy
I handed in my resignation letter.
June 21

4:22 PM Phil
Oh wow. Is that retirement date?

4:23 PM Sassy

Yup. June 21 = 90 days

67 work days!

4:26 PM Phil
That will go fast!

4:53 PM Phil
What are you gonna do with yourself?

4:54 PM Sassy
Pester you? 🙂

I dunno… will have time to figure that out later.

More project stuff

Eat more lobster!

4:56 PM Phil
Those are all good things

4:56 PM Sassy
Write a food blog?
Travel more?
Did you decide on the new job?

4:57 PM Phil
Yep, taking it

4:57 PM Sassy
Wow! When?

4:58 PM Phil
In about a month

4:58 PM Sassy
Any time in between?

5:00 PM Phil
Nope. Go right to work

5:00 PM Sassy
Back to the other branch of the military!

6:06 PM Phil
Yes ma’am in a very exciting fast paced environment

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