Moona brunch

March 17, 2019 Sunday

8:58 AM Sassy
Good morning! 
Your photos from nature yesterday are lovely. 
I had a productive day – got the financials started for the latest project event. Whee! 
I’m off to try a new Mediterranean brunch place. 
Hope you have a superb Sunday!

12:21 PM Sassy
First time for brunch at Moona in Inman Square Cambridge – I also ate the lamb merguez sausage with eggs. I forgot to take a photo!

View out the window
The bar
Feta fritters
My Granola with yogurt and sour cherries
The entrance

9:42 PM Sassy

Day 15 of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race started with everyone wondering when or if Sarah Stokey would make it to the finish line. Her GPS tracker was moving… slowly… then stopping. Then moving… slowly. Danny Seavey posted that she was walking… leading her dog team. She made it to Nome at 6:59 am Alaska time after 13d 15h 59m 1s on the trail. Turns out she had to walk a long, long way. “I had to be the lead dog for the last 150 miles.”

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