Lunch by the river

February 16, 2019 Saturday
8:41 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! Hope you have a super Saturday! 
I’m helping out at a project workday!  Taking them snacks and water.

10:03 AM Phil
Happy Saturday!
Have fun at the project.

1:36 PM Sassy
Salt be gone!  I’m hanging out at the car wash while they detail my vehicle!

4:27 PM Sassy
Tasty late lunch in Essex at C.K. Pearl

Treats from the raw bar – 4 varieties of oysters – Island Creek, 
Mookie Blues, and 2 others, with cocktail shrimp and lemon, 
cocktail sauce, horseradish and mignonette
View of the tidal marsh along the Essex River
The dining room and bar
Clam chowder with fried clams and pork belly
Tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons
The Essex River at low tide
Essex River at low tide – a closer view
Steak tips with asparagus and fries
Crispy ribs with slaw and fries
View of the Essex River out the window
Dessert! Chocolate chip salted caramel cookie 
with moose tracks ice cream and whipped cream

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