DNA revelation

January 12, 2019 Saturday

8:11 AM Sassy
12 degrees… feels like zero? Whee!

8:15 AM Sass
Good morning kid! It’s a cold one!
Going back to bed soon to play under the covers!

8:16 AM Phil
Cold here too. Good morning.
Playing under the covers sounds like fun!

8:18 AM Sassy
[Emoji of a puppy kissing a kitty]

8:18 AM Phil
Thank you baby, back at you

8:18 AM Phil
[Emoji of a dog enthusiastically hugging another dog]

8:19 AM Sassy

You’re so sweet to me.

10:49 AM Sassy
The best breakfast for a frigid winter morning – bacon and Dave’s Banana nut pancakes delivered by Mass Ave Diner!

6:35 PM Phil
6:37 PM Sassy
Wow! All we’re getting is COLD.

Supposed to get a lot?

6:37 PM Phil
8 inches!
Hot tub in the snow

6:38 PM Sassy
I’m eating Indian food and dreaming of a nice man in a hot tub

6:39 PM Phil
Love Indian! Especially curry. The hotter the better!

6:39 PM Sassy
I’m eating the chicken tikka masala and chicken saag. So tasty!

6:40 PM Phil
Watching football and ogling your magnificent assets

6:41 PM Sassy

6:41 PM Phil
Have a little naan for me

6:41 PM Sassy
We got garlic naan.

What did you eat tonight?

6:43 PM Phil
My favorite! 

Went to my favorite pizza place

[Graphic the results of his 23andme DNA test]

Confirmed something I’d heard that may surprise you 

6:44 PM Sassy
Wait… Where did that top nationality come from? 
 I thought you were something else.

Wicked cool that you did that!

Quite a mix!

6:52 PM Phil
My birth father

My kid got the kit for me at Christmas

Not much of what we always thought at all as it turns out

6:54 PM Sassy
Wow! That is quite something. 
did I tell you about my cousin who “lost her father” from that test?

6:55 PM Phil
No? How does that happen?

6:55 PM Sassy
Her dad was Native American. 
Her kids got her to test to see about medical stuff – she is half Scottish (her Mom) and half… European JEWISH
SO her dad was NOT her father.

6:55 PM Phil

6:56 PM Sassy
After some research, it turns out her mom worked in NYC during the pertinent time and there are letters from a guy with a stereotypical Jewish-sounding name after she moved back home…

6:56 PM Phil

6:56 PM Sassy

Kinda sad that her Mom never told her. 

It makes a big difference in what medical tests they’d do

6:57 PM Sassy
So she finds out at age 70 that her background is different than she thought
She wasn’t upset, quite matter-of-fact about telling us

6:58 PM Phil
I knew. Mom’s family was the other nationalities listed so that checks out too

6:58 PM Sassy
When you say birth father, does that mean the guy who raised you was not what he said, or was there someone else?

6:59 PM Phil
Someone else. The man who raised me was truthful about his background.  And that I was not related to him.

My Mom apparently had a thing with another fellow

7:00 PM Sassy
Aha! You never said. 
Do you know anything about that?

7:01 PM Phil
I knew but don’t know anything about him

7:01 PM Sassy
When did you find out?

7:01 PM Phil
Why my brother and I look nothing alike

I knew very young.

7:02 PM Sassy
Just figured you look like your mother and he looks like your dad

7:02 PM Phil
The man who raised me was very tough on me. I wasn’t blood

7:02 PM Sassy
Explains that I suppose… doesn’t excuse it.

7:03 PM Phil
yeah but is what it is.

7:03 PM Sassy
And you are what you are.  Yes indeed.

It’s odd… I have no urge to do the testing. 

Seems like it would be my thing but eh…

7:04 PM Phil
He was all I ever knew and he did his best. I came out ok.

7:04 PM Sassy
You came out awesome! 
Were they married before you were born or no?

7:04 PM Phil
no denying your parentage

He is on my birth certificate, my Mom never talked about it much

7:05 PM Sassy

7:06 PM Phil
She was a nurse and they met in the hospital. He had been in a terrible wreck

Got his DNA in my blood and all that goes with it

7:08 PM Sassy
I always figured we all absorbed some of that growing up in our hometown.

So similar to my cousin’s story.  Except she never knew.

7:08 PM Phil
Explains my natural horniness

No lie! It was quite the enclave.

7:09 PM Sassy
Do your kids know?

7:09 PM Phil
Hot little ministers kid in that town

7:09 PM Sassy
She was pretty dull in those days.

7:09 PM Phil
yeah, the kids always knew. 

My brother inherited his nasty temper but thank goodness I didn’t absorb that 
7:10 PM Sassy
Huh… your brother was always so sweet to me.

7:11 PM Phil
I seem to recall having a handful of that delightful ass in my hands and those sweet tits as well. You were far from dull

My brother is a great guy, nicest man I know but he has a nasty temper

7:12 PM Sassy
Good thing you didn’t go for most of the hometown girls… never know which of them might be your half-sisters!

7:12 PM Phil
No lie! Who the hell knows?

7:13 PMSassy
Can you get a name out of your mother? or a photo? 
Might come in handy for something…and she won’t be around forever.

7:17 PM Phil
Never been that interested

7:17 PM Sassy
He could still be alive.  or might be interesting to meet half-siblings. 

Was this around home or elsewhere?

7:17 PM Phil
I’m guessing one of the cities to the north

7:18 PM Sassy
Well I’d adore you no matter what… even if you’re Martian.

7:19 PM Phil
No Martian in my DNA

7:20 PM Sassy
You do like green an awful lot…

7:20 PM Phil
My favorite color!

7:21 PM Sassy
Thank you for telling me.

7:22 PM Phil
Explains why I like these so much

[photo of my cleavage in that sweater photo]


7:22 PM Sassy
Ha! Men of most nationalities seem to like them!

7:23 PM Phil
Pretty impressive

7:26 PM Sassy
You certainly found good uses for them!

7:26 PM Phil
Oh yes!

Lot of cum as a result of those

7:32 PM Sassy
Mmmm… thinking about that gets me all mushy inside

7:35 PM Phil
Love it. As always, makes my cock throb

7:35 PM Sassy
That makes me every mushier

7:35 PM Phil
Rock hard cock meets mushy pussy. Good combination!

7:35 PM Sassy
Oh yes…

7:36 PM Phil
Results in cum filled mushy pussy

7:36 PM Sassy
And a lot of smiles

7:38 PM Phil

Love watching you shudder as you feel my cum spurting inside you

Nothing like a sexy girl who loves cock and loves to fuck. 

Even better when you love the sexy girl

7:45 PM Sassy
Oh yes… magic!

You say three words and my brain spins off into such fantasies!

7:49 PM Phil

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  1. I think those DNA tests can pose a lot of problems and people don't think about it. Like those cases where you find out you aren't related to someone you thought you are, or even just that now there is a database of people's most private information. I really worry about that having a serious negative effect on people's lives.

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