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January 3, 2019 Thursday

From: Sassy

To: Brett
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Subject: January jumping

Hiya Brett!

Happy 2019!

Are you back? Hope you had an easy journey!

It’s Thursday night and I am thinking of you! It somehow makes you seem closer if I tell you about my week, so here goes! It’s been an up and down time over the break. I got out to do fun stuff, but also ended up with a nasty cold.

Hubby woke up with a bad cold and it was rainy so we had a quiet day at home. I cooked breakfast again – I think that’s some kind of record! Ha. We ate lunch off the treats we picked up from 7-Eleven in Gloucester the day before, and ordered Thai food for supper.

My throat started to hurt. Argh. That’s the first symptom of this wretched cold going around! So now Hubby, Sis and I all have it, With the timing, I’m thinking someone at Christmas was contagious!

I had a lovely brunch with a friend of Hubby’s – she is at the tail end of the coughing crap but controlled it with meds and cough drops. We tried Branch Line in Watertown for a late brunch, which was fine but has no real attraction other then being around the corner from the theater.

We went to see “1776.” It was spectacular! They stuck to the script but were creative in cross-casting and costumes, e.g., Ben Franklin was a woman, Martha Washington was a man. And the costumes were an odd pastiche of frock coats and leather pants and Jimmy Choo heels. I know every word of that show and enjoyed seeing it again, especially in today’s political climate.

Hubby asked me to pick up Chinese food on my way home, so I did that and we had a quiet evening.

I woke up with sniffles added to the cold symptoms. Bleh.

I went to brunch with my older sister and her beau. They took me to Bambara – a lovely hotel restaurant in the Hotel Marlowe near CambridgeSide. I adore their porridge with nuts and fruit!

We rolled on to the Kendall Cinema. Several friends mentioned they wanted to see the new Ruth Bader Ginsberg movie, so I let it be known that we were going, and three more people showed up! It’s an odd social interaction – they plop down, exchange pleasantries, watch a movie, then wave good bye! I should have coordinated a debrief somewhere nearby!

We saw “On the Basis of Sex” which I find an ungainly title, but I get why they used it. I did NOT like this movie. I am glad to have seen it, and contributed to the first weekend gross for a movie about a smart historic woman, but the film itself is problematic. Everyone else with me liked it, so this is just me. I felt like it was poorly written, and poorly directed – focusing too long on various simple points, and not explaining the more complicated ones. I was immersed in the law for so long and even I could not make out the legal machinations, just had to be glad they happened. It is frightening to think what this country would be like for women without RBG having pushed and shoved to change the laws! The acting is predictable and trite. Eh.

I came home and dealt with an Instacart order from Wegman’s. They didn’t find two things I really wanted. *sigh I made lunch for Hubby who was beyond dealing in between coughing fits. I took a long nap, then made chili with hot dogs for lunch and ate leftovers for supper. That felt quite virtuous!

I woke up even more sick – the coughing started up so I took Dayquil and drank a lot of water! I was the queen of delivery! I put through two instacart orders – Wegmans and Star Market – to be sure I got Hubby’s coffee. Of course, this time they both showed up with it!

I also ordered breakfast delivered. Wanted something special and effortless! The banana nut pancakes from Mass Ave Diner did it!  With bacon, of course.  🙂

I took two long naps, then made stuffing to have with rotissed chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy.

We missed my sister’s big New Year’s Eve party. I wish I could have sampled the food I helped her plan! You would have liked the beef wellington. I thought of you at midnight – wished you were here to be kissed! I thought of our quick kissing start the last time – such passion!

I woke up coughing…took DayQuil so I could go out for a festive French brunch at Gaslight in the South End with my older sister, her beau and my niece! We had a lovely time! The crepes and croissants are perfect. I returned home to naps and chicken soup for both lunch and dinner.

I was supposed to go back to work, but I was coughing too much so I stayed home sick. I started to feel better, so I did a little work. I did laundry and even matched up my socks to put away. Heh. I ate more chicken soup. It seems to be helping!

Today I felt slightly worse. So I stayed home again. I did more work – got the payroll taken care of. I had chicken soup for lunch and Thai coconut chicken soup delivered for dinner. I got in a good nap. Soups and napping seem like the best medicine.

I have to go to a periodontal appointment in the morning – figuring Dayquil will get me through that. I’ll go on to the office if I feel okay.

So there’s my week. No plans for this weekend – hope to rest and shake off this cold! Hope you didn’t get it!

Take care! Hugs with groping! And a long French kiss…


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