Croissants and Crepes Parisienne

January 1, 2019 Tuesday

12:05 AM Sassy

11:40 AM Sassy
Festive French brunch to start the year off with croissants and crepes at Gaslight Brasserie du Coin

Pastry basket
Eggs bernaise
Hash with eggs
Crepes parisienne with ham, cheese and a fried egg

12:06 PM Sass

Hiya kid! How’s your 2019 going?
12:39 PM Phil
[photo of a beer on the table on his balcony with his backyard]

So far so good

12:55 PM Sassy
I had a fantastic French brunch! It may be time for a nap…

1:00 PM Phil
Enjoy! I got projects to do with my helpers

[Photos of dogs sleeping on the chairs beside him]

1:00 PM Sassy
Cutest helpers ever!

I’m going to do what they’re doing. Sleep…

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