Post-Christmas Pleasantries

December 28, 2018 Friday

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Dec 28, 2018 at 1:44 AM
Subject: Post-Christmas pleasantries

Hiya Brett!

How was your Christmas? Hope you had tasty food and the family was behaving well. Did you get to try any edibles?

It’s been a good week!

Saturday I actually cooked breakfast then got the presents bagged, tagged and boxed up so I was ready for Christmas with two days to spare! It’s amazing what I can do when my brain is not focused on work. Gives me high hopes for retirement.

Sunday I had brunch in Belmont at The Loading Dock and shopped their deli for treats that will turn into meals so we can keep us from ordering delivery.

Our Christmas Eve was festive – we had Peking Duck at our favorite Chinese place with a gal from the project group. She told great stories! We strolled around HMart picking up Asian treats.

We had a good Christmas – so fun to watch my niece open her presents and be so pleased by each one. We survived brunch with 19 people! Then had a lovely nap. I made the pork ramen bowls and shrimp shumai I’d picked up at HMart for an easy dinner.

Wednesday was quiet – I got laundry done! We went out to Malden to our favorite Asian fusion place for an early dinner.

Today I went to Gloucester! They had put up a 50 foot “Christmas Tree” made of lobster traps! And a menorah! We had a tasty dinner at Passports, a cute little storefront on Main Street.

I resolved to get out of the house every day of my break and I have stuck to it!

Hope Friday brings you a few sexy thoughts of me… I will be thinking of you and the amazing things you do with your mouth and hands!

Take care dear man! Mwah!


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