Yukon survivor

December 14, 2018 Friday

7:21 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid! I’m working at home this morning then heading out to the burbs to see The Northerner! Have a fantastic day!

11:28 AM Phil
Happy Friday! Enjoy!

2:19 PM Phil

[photo of the Athena Pallas restaurant – we ate there when I first saw him again in 2010]

2:20 PM Sassy

2:20 PM Phil

2:21 PM Sassy
What’d you eat?

2:22 PM Phil
Moussaka. I’m sure I spelled it wrong. It’s my favorite

2:22 PM Sassy

2:23 PM Phil
Not been there for a long time. Good as always

2:24 PM Sassy
Take folks with you?

4:33 PM Phil
Went with people from work. 

Lamb looked amazing! Saganaki looked good too. Wish I had tried the octopus

5:13 PM Sassy
Fascinating obit

Helen Klaben Kahn, survivor of a 49-day Yukon ordeal, 76


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