Christmas wreath

December 12, 2018 Wednesday
5:03 PM Sassy
Hope you are hanging in.

5:12 PM Phil
I am!

How you doing?!

Meeting an old workmate for a pint and then picking up a Christmas gift.

[photo of a beer sitting on a bar]

5:12 PM Sassy
I’m super deluxe!

Heading out soon…

5:14 PM Phil
Super deluxe?

5:14 PM Sassy
Big smile… life is good.

5:14 PM Phil
That’s a wonderful thing!

5:14 PM Sassy

5:18 PM Phil

back at you sweet girl!

8:12 PM Sassy
Our Christmas wreath!  Thanks to Ricky’s Flower Market in Union Square Somerville, and awesome augmentation by Hubby with lights from The Dollar Store at Twin City Plaza.  🙂

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