Tempting Mr Truck

December 2, 2018 Sunday

From: Sassy

To: Mr Truck
Sent: Dec 2, 2018 at 10:38 PM
Re: Audio Erotica


Wow! You moved? What made you do that? I do motor up that way now and then… or you could tell me when you are around Boston? Would adore catching up!

Glad to hear I am still an inspiration. I look at videos you sent me and think of our discussions.

My local project is going strong, just finished a big event that did especially well!

What are your hottest fantasies these days? I wander around Tumblr with my toys, looking at everything from the Dirty Wedding Photographer to sexy exhibition fantasies, naked men with clothed women and men going commando!





What’s the safest way for you to communicate? I chat with people on Tumblr, Kik, gmail and text or talk using my Google Voice number. Let me know what works best and we can connect for sure!


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