November 28, 2018 Wednesday

4:57 PM Sassy
How’s your Wednesday going?
I’m at the hospital again with my older sister

6:23 PM Phil
Everything ok?

6:23 PM Sassy
She’s slowly getting better.

6:24 PM Phil
Going to school with a much worse commute and hours of homework every night.

Happy to hear

6:24 PM Sassy
I found a hairbrush and took care of a massive bed head issue with braids and ordered her meatloaf for dinner!

6:25 PM Phil
Good sister

6:26 PM Sassy
Sis, her beau and I are splitting the days to keep her watched over

You learning lots?

6:27 PM Phil
That’s nice.
I am learning a lot. Exhausting days though

6:27 PM Sassy
Are there tests?

6:39 PM Phil
Yep! It’s great fun

6:40 PM Sassy

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