Baby Freddie

November 25, 2018 Sunday

9:33 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! You have the cutest pets! Hope you’re having a superb Sunday. Enjoy the football!

I’m off to dim sum with my older sister and her beau, to hear about their Thanksgiving trip to the Midwest. They had turkey with their former yoga teacher who moved out there.

9:24 PM Sassy
Baby Freddie Mercury!

“The Mercury Phoenix Trust has been gifted this framed print of baby Freddie by his mother Jer Bulsara to raise money for the charity.”
10:06 AM Phil
Good morning! Enjoy!
I’m making a joyful noise!

10:08 AM Sassy

12:43 PM Sassy
Dim sum brunch at Mary Chung’s with the family

Small steamer pork buns
Suan la chow show 
(pork wontons in a spicy broth with bean sprouts)
Peking ravioli
Ma pa tofu with pork
Yu shiang pork
Green beans w/ pork

One thought on “Baby Freddie

  1. OMG! That looks delicious! I wish we lived close enough to visit in person and have dim sum 🙁

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