Wit’s End

September 16, 2018 Sunday

4:04 AM Phil
Thank you. She was such a part of our lives. I can’t believe she’s gone. Best personality I have ever seen in a dog and smart as a whip. The other dogs are lost without her

[thumbs down]

6:33 AM Sassy
You posted such lovely photos! So sad…people don’t talk about it much but it’s so tough when they go.

Be gentle with yourself. I found it helped to remember the good days and special traits. Feel free to tell stories about her. Pet the others lots.

7:32 AM Phil
We did everything we could. I made her broth, steak, eggs, whatever she would eat. We spent her last three days by her side loving on her. She had a fabulous life but I wanted her to stay longer. She was my buddy, my workout partner, the one always knew when I needed a lift and she was ferocious for a little dog. Loving on the other two cause they miss her too but they were by her side when she passed. There were nothing but good days and I have hundreds of delightful photos. We take a lot of pictures for this exact reason.

10:02 AM Sassy
You are the best dog lover. So good you could be with her.

12:01 PM Sassy
Brunch at Wit’s End in Inman Square Cambridge

Lime rickey
Cambridge Street
A Marvin Gaye spicy bloody Mary
Lobster eggs Benedict with cheese grits
Brisket Benedict and crab cake Benedict with cheese grits
Biscuits & sausage, side of bacon
12:38 PM Sassy
Strolled across the street to Christina’s for ice cream – Oreo cup with crushed Oreos on top!

12:50 PM Sassy
Glad you made it to CA! Looks gorgeous!

1:48 PM Phil
It is. Happy to be here. 

All I saw at home was missing my dog

2:00 PM Sassy
Ah… yes. Good spot to watch the game?

2:48 PM Phil
Yeah it is.

2:49 PM Sassy
Lots of people there?

2:51 PM Phil
Always a full place, great food and beer and all the games

2:52 PM Sassy
What takes you out there?

7:53 PM Sassy
Superb Chinese supper at Sichuan Garden II in Woburn

Lovely dining room
Hot and soup soup
Pork dumplings
Beef teriyaki
Beef with spring onions, pork fried rice and mapa tofu
12:49 AM Phil

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