Kitty Mug

September 12, 2018 Wednesday

9:57 AM Sassy
A coworker gave me a kitty mug! I adore the toes!

8:43 PM Sassy
FYI – The Washington Post and some local papers in the hurricane region that charge for access to their websites are dropping their paywalls during the storm. Here’s an amazing animation from the WaPo of the GOES satellite loop of Hurricane Florence (scroll down to the purple animation)

Tracking Hurricane FlorenceĀ

8:45 PM Sassy
Did you make it home?

9:16 PM Phil
Leaving in a couple hours

9:17 PM Sassy
Hope it’s easy!

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One thought on “Kitty Mug”

  1. Super cute mug and fantastic map animation.Maybe the animators can stop drawing so many hurricanes, duh.And, since these all start over Africa, can't we blame them for global warming? I mean, it's really hot there.

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