September 4, 2018 Tuesday

6:47 AM Sassy
Have a super Tuesday Philip!

7:30 AM Phil
You too! Still the weekend for me, followed by a three day week and then the beach!

8:00 AM Sassy

9:02 AM Sassy
I voted in the primary!  It was easy!
[photo of me with the “I VOTED” sticker on my shirt]

9:33 AM
A new use for old books? A Bookstier?

                                               art by Sylvie Falcon

12:03 PM Sassy
I wanted to be off today, but I have a new senior staffer starting so in I go. And a quick stop to vote too!

12:03 PM Phil
Ahhhh! Have a good day anyway. I have three days left in the office, then a week on the beach and a work trip and then it’s time for my new job!

12:06 PM Sassy
Wow! Sounds wonderful!

Morning was nutty. Computer wouldn’t start again – 3rd time this week! IT solution is unplug my peripherals to boot up. Sigh. I’m rolling now!

12:10 PM Phil
Mine too! Bout threw it out the window

Sure! I have to take my wife for an MRI at 9:30 so it will be you and the poochies for a bit but I’ll be very ready for a beer after that!

12:16 PM Sassy
That last msg for someone else?

12:17 PM Phil
my pal but no worries! Better than him getting the “show me your tits” msg

He’s coming Thursday while we’re out but he can let himself in!

12:34 PM Sassy
Yay for a pal visit! 

I was thinking much better to goof in that direction! Ha.

6:35 PM Sassy
Getting my hairs cut at Supercuts!

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