Finding a father

September 2, 2018 Sunday

9:03 AM Sassy
Good morning kid. Hope you have a fun Sunday

11: 23 AM Sassy
German breakfast and deli treats from Karl’s Sausage Kitchen in Peabody

Menu and their mission statement
Cafe and deli
The counter
Weisswurst with a fried egg
My American breakfast with fresh Polish sausage 
and bacon and fried eggs and soft rye
American breakfast with debriciner sausage and bacon
No tipping policy
11:25 AM Phil
Good morning! You too!
11:28 AM Sassy
Just had delicious breakfast and thought of you
11:38 AM Phil
I saw that! Looked delicious!
12:16 PM Sassy

Fascinating story of a football coach finding his birth parents with quite a twist.
                                                                             Photo Credit: RUDDY ROYE FOR ESPN

12:21 PM Sassy
My pal who’s down there ran a half-marathon this morning! Now they’re at the [another bar] “rehydrating.”
1:29 PM Phil
1:31 PM Sassy
You watching football?
1:31 PM Phil
No football till next week
1:32 PM Sassy
2:56 PM Phil
Taking online mandatory training for new job

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