Meet #1 Stryder’s special visit

August 25, 2018 Saturday

I got to meet an online friend tonight!  I call him Stryder.

Lord of the Rings character

“Aragorn II, son of Arathorn is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendarium. He is one of the main protagonists of The Lord of the Rings. Aragorn was a Ranger of the North, first introduced with the name Strider at Bree, as the Hobbits continued to call him throughout The Lord of the Rings.

From the Urban Dictionary

“A Stryder is a wonderful person who’s naturally sweet and loving. Stryder’s [sic] are amazing friends and even better boyfriends, Stryder’s are rare and hard to find, if you do find one hold on to him and keep him close. Stryder’s make the entire world better.

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Who is this guy?

How can I explain who this man is? Hmmm…

I met him online in an IRC group ages ago… Maybe March 2012? I had just figured out how to use IRC on my work computer. There wasn’t usually anyone in the chat room during the day – I was just testing to see if I could log on and adjust various settings. I left it open while I did other things and suddenly there was a guy asking me how my day was going? He asked me where I was from and when I said Boston he asked about the Red Sox and we talked baseball. He kept it basic until I mentioned the Mendoza line and he realized I was a real fan. Heh. He is a long-time fan with a head full of statistics and stories! He was so nice! Of course, he lives far away (one of the big rules of the Internet – the nicer the man, the further away he lives).

We chatted for a couple of hours that afternoon and then every few days for years as he made his way through the world of cheating to divorce to new women. He saw me through a crisis with Philip when I found out about the Beach Girl. I taught him about cybersex and phone sex. He consoled me when my AM men went silent. We talked sex and baseball and most topics in between. He never came at me in a sexy way like many of the other men. We were both on an odd road and needed someone to chat with.

He told fascinating stories of getting hit on by women everywhere he went. He couldn’t stop by a convenience store for a case of beer without the clerk giving him her phone number. Moms at his kids’ school, wives of business associates, women at the ballpark, women in hotel bars on business trips… I wondered what it was about him that made women so open in their desire for him?! We shared photos and he is nice looking, but I couldn’t see what would cause women to flock to him. It made me very curious!

There was a magic moment when the Red Sox were in the World Series that I thought he might come to Boston and take me to a game but it didn’t come together. He talked about visiting and meeting me, and I thought we might meet but I could not imagine a young guy wanting gray-haired curvy old me! Especially not a younger man who could have just about any woman he wanted!

After the chat disappeared, we texted now and then. But his life calmed down and it didn’t seem like he needed me anymore, so we only caught up now and then when there was some odd baseball news.

Planning a visit

He wrote me out of the blue one day in March to tell me his kid got into one of the universities in town and he was planning to come help with move-in in August. He wanted to meet me! It’s always fun to meet chatters so I agreed. We texted now and then about his visit, and I gave him tips for finding used furniture and good local restaurants.

The shock

In July we were texting and he asked, ‘You know I want to fuck you, right?” I admitted I had been wondering but mostly assuming he wouldn’t once he saw me. He said he couldn’t visit Boston without fucking Sassy. Ha! He said he had always wanted it. I was shocked. I told him and he said we had talked sexy all the time and I said I thought it was just sharing adventures or asking for advice and not aimed at me. He said no… I had owned him with my mind for a long time. Wow.

The plan

So we made plans, trying to find a time when he’d be alone in his hotel and I could pop over. He settled on late Saturday evening. I wondered if his kid would decide to stay with him and forgo the dorm bed one more night. I wondered if he’d be too tired after all the move-in tasks. I continued to wonder if he would be fun to talk with but not eager to touch me.

The day

I made a plan to sleep late, get a few things done, then go back to bed for a nap so I could stay up late. I showered and shaved and clipped my toenails. I puzzled over what to wear. He said he was wearing jeans, so I put the dress back in the closet and pulled out a navy blue polo shirt and long blue preppy shorts with white sea creatures on them. And I wore my new blue Crocs!

He texted as he left the dorm, as he got into the shower, as he dressed, then told me he’d meet me just inside the door of the hotel in the lobby.

The meet

I drove over and parked on the street, arriving right at 10 pm. True to his word, he was standing just inside the revolving door! We had a long hug, then he led me through the lobby to the atrium bar. I picked the couch and he sat on a chair at a 90-degree angle to me.

I watched him chat with the waitress about their local beers and I ordered an iced tea. He has a slim, sexy body and a sweet smile, with that intriguing twinkle in his eye. He has a special way of dealing with people – respectful, charming – that adds to his appeal. I began to understand what all those women see in him, and feel the pull of attraction. He reminds me of Viggo Mortensen, the lanky hero Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings movies.

Viggo Mortensen
He was wearing a soft linen dark blue shirt with a muted Hawaiian leaves pattern and blue jeans with black chucks sneakers. He has a rather Elvin face with a sparkling grin. He tells wonderful stories! I smiled and rubbed his arm and held his hand and rubbed his knee and he grinned a lot.

He told me of the tourist sites they’d visited the day before – a tour of Fenway Park of course! And The Cheers Bar. Heh. We talked of 9/11 and his kids and his work. I told him about the first time I met Philip when I was 14. And my work. And my plans to retire next year.

After about 90 minutes when I was beginning to wonder if he had decided not to touch me, he asked if I’d like to see his room. I nodded and smiled. He took my hand and led me to the elevator. Another couple got in just ahead of us, so we had to behave.

On the deck

He led me down the hall and around into a corner and into a normal hotel room but then… out onto a huge deck overlooking the river! Not just a balcony but a deck with a table and four chairs and a railing and sided walls and the sky above us! It was a beautiful evening with an almost full moon. Here are a few photos from to give you an idea. Stunning!

He went to the bathroom, and I sat in a chair and took off my shoes and put my feet up on another chair and stared at the sky and the river and the lights of the buildings below.

He returned with a beer from the fridge and talked of seeing rowers on the river in the morning and the traffic and a guy next door with a hooker. He’d talked about going to hookers. He said he’d checked prices and Boston prices were almost double those in his area! He said you’re not paying them for what they do when they’re with you – you’re paying them to leave and not bug you afterwards. Wow.

We talked about our parents last days and dealing with being an executor. Not many people can share with me about that!

He finally reached over and kissed me. Mmm… the first was soft and gentle and sweet. I licked his lip and he pounced on me, threading his fingers through my hair and pressing his lips on mine and oh my oh my! The man can kiss!

In bed

He led me back into the room and wrapped his arms around me from behind. I rubbed against him while he massaged my breasts. I couldn’t stand up anymore, so I moved to one of the beds and sat on the edge. He took off his shirt and sprawled beside me. I cuddled up to him. He explored my body with his hand, and we kissed some more. He played with my clit and got me quite excited but told me to chill… there was lots more to come. I explained it had been a long time for me and I get going fast. 

He told more stories while I rubbed his chest and back and arms. He asked me to guess what his favorite thing is, that a woman can do for him. I pondered that awhile but then told him I’d like to know and didn’t want to guess. He said being rubbed on… exactly what I was doing. I told him it was a luxury for me, as I rarely get to do it. He sighed and said I could do it forever with him. He told me about his first massage that ended in a happy ending without him asking for it. I told him about my massage with hot oils in Mexico. I explored lower on his body casually, not knowing if he wanted more.

He seemed to be in a “bare my soul” mood, telling me stories about his first sexual experience, about a sad night in the frat, about hotel mishaps… somehow wanting me to understand the most dramatic days in his memory. Sometimes a man sharing stories like this are even more profound than sex… letting me inside the most private spaces of his mind.

He kept talking and I began to wonder if he was too tired to do much, or had decided he didn’t want to. It seemed like he was waiting for something. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands, as it were. I sat up and took off my shirt, then moved around between his legs and gave him a Sassy blow job! He joked about knowing it was definitely Sassy now that he could see my lucky black bra.

He held my hair… I can’t recall a man ever doing that. He said it was an important job so I didn’t get distracted by hair in my face or mouth, and so he could see what I was doing! I used my talents…. Licking from bottom to top, squeezing and stroking, blowing on his wet skin, flicking my tongue over that sensitive spot on the underside, sucking him down my throat until I gagged and he moaned. I looked up like a good girl and he smiled down at me and recited a litany of “that feels so good… you are so good… oh man… “ and I rested for a few seconds then dove back down on his hard cock, slurping and sucking and bobbing up and down until I tasted pre-cum. I sucked on his balls and pressed them between my breasts. He moaned and complimented me again. I admit I adore being told I’m doing a good thing, even if it sounds like a standard speech to get the woman to keep going, but this seemed quite sincere!

I had hoped to take him all the way and swallow around him, but he pulled me up and helped me out of my shorts and panties and got over me and started rubbing his cock on my clit. I mentioned something about how I’d like him to “return the favor” hoping I’d get his tongue on my clit, but instead he reached for his wallet, and pulled out a foil packet. I heard the glorious sound of foil tearing and he sighed as he rolled a condom onto his erect cock. 

He went right along on his plan and I felt his cock sliding inside me. That was so good! He asked me if I was okay and I said no, I was fantastic! He chuckled and slid in and out slowly. I pressed my legs around him but couldn’t quite get him deep enough, so I put my feet on his shoulders and he pounded me awhile that way. I asked him if we could switch to doggy style, and he said we could do whatever I want, not to be shy asking! So he rolled me over, and I got up on my knees and he pressed inside me again. He said he’d probably come that way. He pounded deep and fast and I rocked back against him. He stopped and took deep breaths then pounded me again. He stopped again and collapsed next me. I wondered if he had cum but he was still hard.

I moved so I was perpendicular and put my legs over his hips and shimmied so I was very close. He took up the action and pressed inside me again. He put his hands on my shoulder and pulled and pushed and oh man oh man! I trembled and he pressed deep and shuddered.

I asked if he liked that position and he said he did… it was lazy but fun. I said it was good for a late night and he nodded.

We chatted some more and I got up to pee. I looked at the clock on the nightstand – 3:30 am! I was surprised I was not tired but knew it could hit me any minute. He admitted he had hit the wall, having been up since 6:30 am, helping his son move all day, and probably would get a call to get up in a few hours. I marveled at his ability to do anything after such a long day and felt lucky he had found time for me!


So I tossed on my clothes. He offered to walk me back to my car. I told him he didn’t have to, but then allowed as how it would make me feel better to have an escort and have a few more minutes with him. He smiled and tossed on his clothes as we looked on his laptop computer for restaurants serving breakfast nearby so he’d know where to take his kid.

We strolled across the street to my car. He told me he’d be back in November, didn’t know if he could make time and it would like be a quick 2 day thing but he wanted to. He said he’d text me more. I grinned. I was so pleased he was thinking that. He hugged me, handed me into my car and strolled off.

I drove home on cloud nine, and just as I pulled into the garage he texted me! That is so classy!

I sat in my car, texted back to let him know I made it, then went upstairs and collapsed into bed smiling!

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  1. Simplicity says:

    What a great night for you 2! And an exciting re-telling of events!

  2. So glad to see you! Thanks for stopping by. It was a special night…

  3. That was a great read!!!!. I trying to remember him from chat. I miss chat, lots of good people and great stories.

  4. Thanks for reading and for the kudos! I miss chat too. Hope we can get a chat room going somewhere soon!

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