Infinity pools

August 24, 2018 Friday

7:28 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!

7:59 AM Sassy
Talked to Sis – she’s in Brisbane today and ready to head home tomorrow!

9:01 AM Phil
Sounds like a fabulous trip!

9:01 AM Sassy
She finds the most amazing places! Dig this infinity pool on the 43rd floor of a skyscraper downtown!  They have the entire 40th floor through AirBnB deal!

[photo of Sis floating in an infinity pool with the city behind her]

10:54 AM Phil
Very cool! Swam in one of those on a mountain top in St. Thomas. It was spectacular and just dropped straight down when you looked over the edge

10:56 AM Sassy
There’s one at that hotel out beyond DC that I dream of going to overlooking the Potomac

11:48 AM Phil
Really! I know where that is. It is gorgeous!  Didn’t you recommend it to me?

12:33 PM Sassy
You ate there once iirc

4:15 PM Phil
Yep, didn’t see the pool though. Great place

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