Marinated octopus

August 21, 2018 Tuesday

8:01 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! I just talked to Sis! She’s in Christchurch NZ heading North to Brisbane AU! They did the helicopter ride to a glacier. Have a super Tuesday!

8:41 AM Phil
Sounds like an incredible trip! Just accepted a new job.

8:42 AM Sassy
Wow! Closer to home? Congratulations!

10:03 AM Phil
Yeah. It’s a MUCH better commute, have an office in a cube. Will see how it goes.

12:25 PM Sassy
Awesome news!  Hope it’s the change you’ve wanted.

6:47 PM Sassy
Good Greek dinner at Greek Corner, including my first taste of marinated octopus!

Marinated octopus appetizer – my first ever!
Avegolemono soup and pita bread
Hubby’s Souvlaki with rice and salad
My gyro 
Dessert! Galacktoburiko!

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