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August 18, 2018 Saturday

2:15 PM Sassy
A beautifully written appreciation of the man who toiled in the wilderness documenting and warning the world about the priest abuse scandal since early 1990’s, and helped the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team take it to the front page of the newspaper. Michael Rezendes focuses his amazing writing talents and tenacity on getting this man the vindication he so richly deserved.


Richard Sipe helped uncover pattern of clergy sex abuse

Mr. Sipe died last week in San Diego at the age of 85.

2:45 PM Sassy
Hiya kid! Hope you’re having a fun Saturday! 

Just watched the Pentatonic video you posted of Hallelujah. Wow. So powerful. Took my breath away!
3:45 PM Phil
They were amazing in concert

5:18 PM Sassy
Do you own any Crocs or Birkenstock shoes?

5:45 PM Phil
Both and love them

5:47 PM Sassy

My first pair! Kinda ugly but so comfortable!

5:51 PM Sassy
This photo reminds me of me snogging you on the street at National Harbor! at least I pulled you into doorways!

From Jonathan Carroll‘s Facebook

7:38 PM Phil
I have worn both. Crocs are comfortable but provide no support. Birkenstock provide great support
7:39 PM Sassy
I was looking at birks today. Too many choices!
9:05 PM Phil
So comfortable though

9:07 PM Sassy
You home?

9:14 PM Phil
Just got back, relaxing on the porch

9:15 PM Sassy

9:16 PM Phil

9:17 PM Sassy

I’m waiting for dinner to be delivered

9:18 PM Phil
I’m thinking you would be a good dinner

9:19 PM Sassy
I am juicy…

9:19 PM Phil

[photo of his erect cock sticking out of his gym shorts]

I like juicy

9:19 PM Sassy
Now THAT looks tasty!

9:20 PM Phil
Ha! Showed you mine…….

Like to slip this into something juicy

9:24 PM Sassy

[photo of my left breast]

I know somewhere!

9:25 PM Phil
Would love to wrap my lips around that spectacular nipple

Love your tits

9:27 PM Sassy
I would love that too!

9:27 PM Phil

[photo of his cock in his hand sticking out of his gym shorts]

9:27 PM Sassy
It’s tingling… waiting.. wanting

9:28 PM Phil
Love your sweet, hot, wet pussy

Loved filling you with cum and watching you cum

You make my cock leap to attention . Always have

Love when you show me those magnificent tits like that. So hot!

Loved getting naked in your room, on your bed that December night

9:34 PM Sassy
Dinner from Kelly’s – lobster roll and fried shrimp!

9:35 PM Sassy
Oh yes…

9:36 PM Phil
Then going to dinner with you full of my cum

9:37 PM Sassy
Such a sexy night!

9:38 PM Phil
Such a sexy girl and an a hot and very romantic evening.

9:38 PM Sassy
I am so wet thinking about it!

9:39 PM Phil
A fantasy come true

A spectacular night

Love that you get wet remembering and that my cock gets so hard at the thought!

9:44 PM Sassy

[photo of my face and upper chest with a light blue nightshirt]

9:44 PM Phil

9:45 PM Sassy
It is wonderful that we can help each other!

9:46 PM Phil
Pull that top down a bit 

9:48 PM Sassy

[photo of my face and upper chest in the light blue nightshirt with my left shoulder bared]

9:49 PM Phil

Wanna kiss that face

9:50 PM Sassy
Oh! That would be so good… and nibble on that neck.

9:50 PM Phil
Mmmm, working my way lower

Slipping it off your shoulders. Licking and sucking

9:51 PM Sassy
Mmmpf that caused a big twinge!

9:52 PM Phil
Love those twinges

Twirling my tongue over your nipple, sucking, fingers roaming

Finding heat and wetness

Licking my fingers

So hot, so wet, nipples getting hard

9:55 PM Sassy
Oh my… I’d be moaning and squirming!!

9:56 PM Phil
Asking me to use something other than my fingers

9:56 PM Sassy
I do like your tongue.

9:58 PM Phil
Tongue flicking your clit, probing, working lower, working between your tasty pussy and and your ass

Hips thrusting, juices flowing,

10:00 PM Sassy
Yes yes yes

10:00 PM Phil
Tongue fucking your pussy and ass

Just give yourself to me,

Tits, mouth, pussy, ass, hands mmmmmmm

10:03 PM Sassy
My inside muscles are clenching… trying to close around you

10:04 PM Phil

[photo of his erect cock sticking out of his gym shorts]

10:05 PM Sassy

10:05 PM Phil

10:05 PM Sassy
I’ve been looking at cocks in Tumblr all afternoon and yours is way better!

10:06 PM Phil
That’s cause you have tasted mine, held mine, felt mine deep inside you

10:09 PM Sassy
That’s definitely part of it… it’s also gorgeous!

SO tempting

Wanna do things to it

10:11 PM Phil
[photo montage of his smiling face sitting outside on his porch, and his cock and lower legs and feet]

10:12 PM Sassy
Oh my! I can’t believe you can be naked out there!

10:12 PM Phil
Ha! I’d be naked on your patio

10:12 PM Sassy
I might have to sit on your lap… or lie down next to you on that chaise!

10:13 PM Phil
Mmmmmm, slide down on my cock

10:13 PM Sassy
Yup. Bounce up and down

So you could go in and out!

10:14 PM Phil
Mmmmm, hard and fast, pounding your sweet pussy and then slow and easy

10:14 PM Sassy
Get you all wet

10:14 PM Phil
Covered with your sweet juices

10:16 PM Sassy
Close tight around you…. feel those muscles tighten

in and out

10:16 PM Phil
Mmmmmm, fucking you so good

Show me those sweet tits again

10:19 PM Sassy

[photo of my nipple poking out of the light blue nightshirt]

10:21 PM Phil

[15-second video of him stroking his cock]

Oh damn
Just want to wrap my mouth around that
Like to be sucking those as my cock slides in and out

Give me that hot pussy

10:25 PM Sassy
Mmmm… wish I could put my hands and mouth there… stroke… taste… lick…suck

10:26 PM Phil
Oh damn

10:27 PM Sassy
squeeze a little and pull


kiss it…

10:27 PM Phil
I love that

Hope you get a chance to break out a toy and enjoy too

10:29 PM Sassy
I’ve already done it twice today!
Don’t know why I’m so revved up.
And now you’ve got me going for #3!

10:30 PM Phil
Cool! Go for it girl!

10:30 PM Sassy
You’ve given me plenty to send me over the edge!!

10:31 PM Phil
Think of my tongue between your thighs, flicking, licking, sucking

Slipping my tongue up your ass while you do your pussy with a toy

10:32 PM Sassy
Oh man… that makes me insides PULSE!

10:33 PM Phil
Lift your hips, feel my tongue probing and then slipping into your ass, mmmm

10:35 PM Sassy
My hips would be popping up to meet you

10:35 PM Phil
Toy probing your pussy, tongue fucking your ass, mmm

Make you explode

10:36 PM Sassy
That would do it!

I don’t know how you type in the midst of this… it fries my brain!

10:37 PM Phil
Stroking with my left hand 

10:40 PM Sassy

Mmm… you help me feel so good

10:41 PM Phil

[20-second video of him stroking his cock, then panning up to show his face while he said sexy things about licking me – he stuck his tongue out…so hot!]

So glad

Love that I can help

10:43 PM Sassy
Damn… you are so fucking sexy!! That voice does wild things to me!

10:44 PM Phil
I love to hear you say fuck

10:44 PM Sassy
I will work on that. 

10:47 PM Phil

Hope I helped you enjoy. Last time I was fucking you from behind, I had your ass spread and wanted to shove my tongue up your ass. Afraid you’d jump though. Now I know better 

10:49 PM Sassy
There are all sorts of things I’ve learned since then… would be glad to do with you!

10:50 PM Phil
Mmmmm! Love to see what you learned.

Maybe a toy in my ass

10:52 PM Sassy
I was thinking of that this afternoon

10:52 PM Phil
Mmmm, I’d love that

10:54 PM Sassy
Feel full… feel the vibrations

10:55 PM Phil
Oh damn, fuck me baby, suck me, stroke me,

10:57 PM Sassy
Your wish is my command.

Mmmmm and I want to return the favor, licking and sucking your tits, eating and fucking your sweet tight pussy, fucking your ass with my tongue and cumming where ever you want it

11:00 PM Sassy
Mmm… choices, choices

11:01 PM Phil
Or choose all

11:02 PM Sassy
Indeed! I adore the way you think.

11:03 PM Phil
Cum in your mouth, on your tits and deep inside you 

11:04 PM Sassy
Oh man… that would be awesome!

11:04 PM Phil
I’m good for three

11:04 PM Sassy
Would have to take photos! Ha

11:05 PM Phil
Oh hell yeah

Pics of my cock in your pussy, in your mouth, between your tits

11:06 PM Sassy
Save them get off to again and again

Cum all over!

11:06 PM Phil


11:11 PM Sassy
I love you Philip!

11:12 PM Phil
I love you right back Sass.

11:13 PM Sassy
Sleep well dear man!

11:14 PM Phil
Cumming, believe I will

11:14 PM Sassy

11:36 PM Phil
Nite sweet girl

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