Unsportsmanlike behavior

August 11, 2018 Saturday

9:58 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! How’s my favorite football fan?

10:38 AM Phil
A happy winner! Good morning!

11:03 AM Sassy
Hiya! It’s so muggy here! Only 70 but so humid! I’m being productive – went out on the balcony and got rid of 90% of my old planters and potting stuff. Gonna clean out that corner!

11:12 AM Phil
Good for you!

Hot here too. Gonna go eat oysters and crabs

11:14 AM Sassy

Oooh! We’re off for a late brunch at Cafe Luna. Dig their menu – lots of special dishes


3:22 PM Sassy
Luscious brunch at Cafe Luna in Cambridge

Fresh orange juice and iced chai latte
Mexican churro French toast
Fried buttermilk biscuits with honey butter
Hubby’s open face egg sausage sandwich
My crab cake Benedict with fruit
Fig prosciutto goat cheese omelette

5:09 PM Sassy
[He posted a “Red Sox Suck” cartoon on his wall.]

Ha. You wish the Yankees “sucked” like the Sox!

Be a good sport and acknowledge my team on their record breaking play!

5:11 PM Phil

Boston takes it up the ass, Do Dah, Do Dah

They are unfortunately having a great year

[I can’t recall ever being so ticked off at him… and over a stupid baseball rivalry? I know, I know… but after he could not be polite, when I specifically requested it, I decided not to write back for a while, or at least until I could keep from saying something about it.]

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