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August 5, 2018 Sunday

8:41 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! 
Talked with Sis! They went to Hobbiton! New Zealand is so nifty. 
Have a superb Sunday!
10:19 AM Phil
Never been to New Zealand. Australia but not there. Cool! 
Enjoy the pretty day. Heading into DC for a comedy show

1:26 PM Sassy
Wow! Somewhere you have never been! 
They had a whirlwind day – history museum and city tour of Auckland, glow worm caverns [like Howe Caverns with odd fluorescent creatures), jumped off the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere and then the tour and dinner at Hobbiton! They’re there for 4 weeks and trying to see it all!
Hope you have lots of laughs!

1:29 PM Phil
That’s fabulous, very adventurous. I loved experiencing different cultures.

1:22 PM Sassy
Brunch at The Independent in Union Square

Full Irish breakfast
Deviled eggs
Renovated interior
Cheddar polenta
Hubby’s steak and eggs
Ham & cheese omelette with peppers and onions
1:31 PM Sassy
How was the concert?

2:57 PM Phil

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