Best ways to eat oysters

August 3, 2018 Friday

7:09 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid! Boss has left on vaca so it should be a good day!

7:19 AM Phil
I took the day off so good day here too! Enjoy the day

9:04 AM Sassy
Wow! Hope you have a grand time! Gonna be hot and humid here.
9:43 AM Sassy
You doing anything fun?

10:30 AM Sassy
Found this fun article about lots of ways to eat oysters!

                                                  Photo CREDIT: MICHAEL PIAZZA
The raw bar selection at Row 34 in Boston, where chef and restaurateur Jeremy Sewall celebrates oysters in their “purest form.”
12:39 PM Phil
[photos of a restaurant]
12;41 PM Sassy

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