Shrimp and garlic grits

July 16, 2018 Monday

8:21 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!

11:01 AM Phil
Good morning!

1:01 PM Sassy
I went to HR today to talk about retirement next year. My theories are correct! Looks like I can go anytime after May 1!

3:51 PM Phil
Good for you! I’m not close to being ready for that. I need the mental engagement. Another five years for me. I can afford to retire but I still want the challenge. My boss is a moron and a no ethics fuck but I think I still get to make a difference.

3:53 PM Sassy
I may end up doing something new. We’ll see. But I need to get away from my boss and the daily grind. May volunteer or go part-time somewhere.

3:57 PM Phil
That would be fun! I’m going to work at Disney World next

3:58 PM Sassy
In a goofy costume.

3:58 PM Phil
I’d love to have four hours a day to work out and several hours to read. I could sell plants at Home Depot and be happy doing that

I don’t fit the costume. Gotta be itty bitty. I could pour beer at Epcot in Germany though

3:59 PM Sassy
Oh my… I can see you chatting up the tourists and having a blast.

4:00 PM Phil
Or perhaps driving a boat

4:16 PM Sassy
Go for the a/c.

7:14 PM Sassy
Mexican meal at Painted Burro in Davis Square Somerville

Jugo fruit drink
Pina colada for Hubby
Salmon fajitas
Steak fajitas for Hubby
Shrimp and garlic grits

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