What a country

July 4, 2018 Wednesday

12:08 AM Sassy

8:28 AM Sassy
Happy 4th!

9:33 AM Phil
Happy 4th! I’m a Beach Baby!

3:11 PM Sassy
Scenic and sumptuous lunch at C.K. Pearl in Essex with my older sister and her beau

The Essex River at low tide
The deck and marina
Coconut shrimp
Blueish pate
Clam chowder – innovative presentation with fried clams on top 
and pork belly in the mix
Oysters and shrimp cocktail
Stuffies (clams) 
Crispy ribs
Steak tips for Hubby
Fish and chips
Blackened chicken carbonara

3:12 PM Sassy

Delicious dessert at Down River ice cream in Essex

Salty C small cone

4:44 PM Sassy

9:22 PM Phil
What a country

9:28 PM Sassy
Yes indeed!

10:22 PM Sassy
Time for the Pops 1812 Overture with canon!  And fireworks!

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