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July 2, 2018 Monday
7:06 AM Sassy
Happy Monday! Another scorcher.
No office for me! Going back to bed to think sexy thoughts.
Have a great day!
1:40 PM Sassy
Delicious lunch at Sichuan Garden II at The Baldwin in Woburn
Classic hot and sour soup
Elegant dining room 
Fried pork dumplings
My Beef with spring onions
Hubby’s shredded pork in garlic sauce
2:42 PM Sassy

Pretty summer flowers and a delightful dessert at Mike’s Pastry in Assembly Row Somerville

Florentine cannoli! 
3:22 PM Phil
Happy Monday! Hot one here too! Stay cool!
4:49 PM Phil
Smoked some chickens for supper
4:52 PM Sassy
Wow. Sounds delish!
[graphic of Snoopy munching on a cookie]
4:55 PM Phil
They come out so moist and good and healthy.
Heading to the beach on Wed for 5 days. Excited about some beach time, a little music, and old friends
Smoked ribs yesterday. Sooooo good
5:00 PM Sassy
5:03 PM Sassy
I have a funeral tomorrow morning – the last of the grand old ladies of my church died at 93 and my former minister is coming, so I can sit with her and not fret about going back there. Will be good to celebrate her life and see folks. Taking my older sister and her beau to CK Pearl in Essex for lunch on the 4th.
Might see the new guy on Friday!
Wish I could see the old flame. ; )
5:06 PM Phil
Awww, I’d be happy with 93. We found a church we love here. Good people.
Enjoy the new guy.
My kid is a challenge. Causing us both stress. I’ve given till it hurts and he just doesn’t get it. His sister, spot on, never a problem.
5:09 PM Sassy
Oh dear… what’s his deal?
5:09 PM Phil
Who is the OLD flame? Us old farts are touchy about our age.
Did some work in the yard yesterday, carrying and toting and bending.  Still got it. Came out great and I just felt a good pump.
Kid has no car, half assed job, no money, hates where he is. I told him he needs three half assed jobs.
5:11 PM Sassy
Is he still with the lady?
You are my flame, lover boy.
5:11 PM Phil
He wants me to buy him a car and set him up with a place and I’m not doing it. She wants him to leave. He’s an ass..
5:13 PM Sassy
Oh dear… is he drinking?
5:13 PM Phil
Drinking, pot, pills. Drives me crazy.
Had to lock up the booze while he was here but he still drank a case of beer a day
5:14 PM Sassy
5:14 PM Phil
5:14 PM Sassy
I had a feeling… something about the photos.
Does he have health insurance?
5:15 PM Phil
Making 10 bucks an hour and thinks he’s got a great job.
Nope. No health insurance, no way to buy a car or get out of his situation. I have bought him five cars, wrecked or abandoned all of them. It’s sad
5:18 PM Sassy
5:19 PM Phil
The girl is hooked on pain pills and nasty as a result
5:19 PM Sassy
Oh dear…
I will pray… wish I could do more.
5:20 PM Phil
Us too
5:20 PM Sassy
He could probably get a car with the money he spends on crap
5:21 PM Phil
5:21 PM Sassy
I wonder if a good antidepressant would help… sounds like he is self-medicating
5:22 PM Phil
I think so too
5:22 PM Sassy
I’m so sorry… you know it’s not your fault, right?
5:23 PM Phil
We have arrived at that conclusion.
He had every opportunity but it breaks your heart. He’s a sweet kid but has a nasty temper. Not sure where that comes from
5:24 PM Sassy
Can happen when the chemicals in your head are out of whack.
5:27 PM Phil
Yup. Love him no matter what.
He stole his mom’s jewelry, took money, wants the good life without having to work for it
5:28 PM Sassy
Oh no – just recently stole the jewelry?
5:38 PM Phil
Aww, thank you!
5:38 PM Sassy
I would send you a blow job but I can’t find a gif for that in FB
5:57 PM Phil
5:59 PM Sassy
You remember my tongue?
7:10 PM Phil
How could I forget that?
7:19 PM Sassy
With my hands on you too

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