Complete fantasy

June 24, 2018 Sunday

From: Sassy
To: Reggie
Sent: Sun Jun 24, 2018 at 11:04 AM
Subject: Sunday shade
Hiya Reggie!

Home from breakfast with the gang! We had a grand time at The Neighborhood in Union Square in Somerville. They make the most tasty Cream of Wheat with cinnamon. We sat out under their grape arbor and gloried in the wonders of a summer morning.

Now I’m home, wishing you could pop by. Ha. I know, complete fantasy. But what a delicious one! The balcony door is open, the breezes blowing in… and I am imagining lots of fun ways to spend a Sunday afternoon with you. Mostly involving my bed! And your hands and mouth. And my hands and mouth and chest! And some lower areas…mmm

Hope you’re having fun! Mwah!



From: Reggie
To: Sassy

Sent: Sun Jun 24, 2018 at 6:40 PM
Re: Sunday shade

Hi Sassy

Finally found a little window to read your e-mails. It has been quite an intense weekend of entertaining and adventuring with our visitor. We were out in Walden Pond, Harvard Square and all over Boston in the last 3 days. We even managed to squeeze in a last long bike ride before I dropped him off at the airport in the late afternoon.

I am thinking of you now, in this lovely rain. In bed, exploring and getting to know each other. Touching your body and finding what turns you on. My fingers exploring. My tongue too. And feeling your touches and licks all over me. Oh, I want you soon, baby.


From: Sassy
To: Reggie
Sent: Sun Jun 24, 2018 at 7:15 PM
Re: Sunday shade

Hiya Reggie!! Thank you for your message. Wonderful to hear about your weekend. I find that having visitors is a special chance to see my place through new eyes and appreciate it. My parents used to send people to see me and I got very good at giving tours. Their interests varied so greatly – from the museums to the Cheers bar! HA!

Glad you got back home before the rains started. 

I heard from IRC friends I had not heard from in ages today! I helped test messenger programs, looking for an alternative to Yahoo Messenger which is going away July 17. So many cheaters used it. It’s tough to find something that will work on the sly, on both iOS and Android, allow text and photos, and not stick out if someone picks up their phone. It’s too funny that I am helping in this search but I seem to be more tech savvy that most, which is super sad since I am not all that savvy!

I am so glad that thoughts of me can inspire you, give you some space to think sexy stuff. You inspired me to have a lovely time in bed this afternoon with a toy and Tumblr… thinking of you. Looking at people enjoying sex and wondering if it will be like that for us. My legs spread wide as I buzzed my clit and wondered what you will do with an “open woman” who will enjoy having you look and touch. I’ve been trying to imagine how it will go when that door closes and we are alone at last… can’t quite get it into focus yet, but luckily any number of scenarios will be fantastic!

Now I am munching on Thai food, doing laundry and paying bills, being a good girl. Hope you will help me be BAD SASSY in the best way soon.

Have a lovely evening. Mwah!


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