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June 6, 2018 Wednesday

From: Reggie
To: Sassy
Sent: Wed Jun 6, 2018 at 9:26 AM
Re: Sassy face


So are you married? And do you have an open marriage?

From: Sassy

To: Reggie
Sent: Wed Jun 6, 2018 at 12:31 PM
Re: Sassy face

Hiya Reggie,

Hope you’re having a wicked good Wednesday! I’m taking a break for lunch and thought I’d spend it writing to you.

Let’s see – where were we? Ah yes… I was raised in upstate NY, came to MA for college and stayed.

I am married, going on 20+ years. We are open. He does his thing and I do mine. We are great friends, just nothing in the bedroom. So you don’t have to worry about an angry husband.

What’s your situation? Do you need stealth on your end? I do know a lot about how to cover your tracks, from dating an old flame in the military, if you need any tips.

Three more questions:

1) Where’s the most beautiful place in the world?

2) How did you hear about AM?

3) What music do you like?

Hugs with groping!



From: Reggie
To: Sassy
Sent: Wed Jun 6, 2018 at 12:39 PM
Re: Sassy face

Hi Sassy

Yes, I do need stealth and doing this completely under cover – so tips are welcome!

1. Most beautiful place in the world – this is so tricky. It is like being asked to pick a favorite book or piece of music. If forced to pick, I might say Port Antonio in Jamaica. I have found the sea there the most beautiful and varied and the people warm and welcoming.

2. I heard about AM online while searching for ways to find women who might be open to meeting me

3. My taste in music is eclectic. 60s, 70s pop/rock music is my mainstay – The Beatles, Who, Stones, Floyd..also, Moody Blues, Jethro Tull and so many more. I like Beethoven, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Debussy. I like Nina Simone. Leonard Cohen. I like Sonny Rollins. I like some international music from different parts of the world I’ve visited.

Can you answer these three yourself?



From: Sassy

To: Reggie
Sent: Wed Jun 6, 2018 at 3:26 PM
Re: Sassy face

Hiya Reggie! This is so fun! Thank you for indulging my curiosity. I am learning lovely things.

We can talk more about stealth – being a techy, you are probably up on a lot but there are some other things to think about. I’ll look for a great article I found with good advice.

Here are my answers:

1) Beauty

I looked up images of Port Antonio in Jamaica – stunning! It reminds me of Trunk Cove on St John USVI with the blue of the water and the green of the trees and white sands.

I also adore the red rocks in Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Or the Food Hall at Harrod’s in London for a more urban delight!

2) AM

The short answer is I read a sexy blog online where the guy was on AM.

The real answer of my discovery of AM is a bit convoluted. Ready for a story?

My husband stopped wanting me a long time ago. I had given up on that part of my life.

An old flame from high school (we dated for weeks when I was 14 and he was 16, which amounted to holding hands at lunch and kissing under the stairs at church) found me after 37 years. He remembered an explosive chemistry and wanted to know if it might still exist. I remembered his name and that he dumped me. Heh. We were both married, non-cheaters, he was military and miles away and I could not imagine him wanting to touch a curvy old lady. He convinced me it was worth dinner so I flew to D.C. and… it was the hottest 2 days of my life. He resurrected me sexually, taught me that a fit powerful man can want a curvy woman, and that she can participate and deserves to get pleasure out of it!

I got cancer. The old flame talked me into catching up on medical tests I’d delayed, saved my breast and maybe my life. They caught it early, but I had a bizarre 10 months of too many doctors visits! I was able to work most of the time while they cut, stabbed, poisoned and irradiated me! I came out it with a firm desire to live life to the fullest. I am healthy and whole and doing that!

While my body was healing, I caught up online with sexy stuff. I was woefully ignorant, so I went looking for resources online to teach myself and share with the old flame to um.. enhance our online discussions. 🙂 I found tumblr and sexy blogs and porn videos. I wrote erotica. Whee!

a. A friend sent me to look at sex-positive photo blog where people of all sizes and shapes and orientations were smiling and having fun and being sexy.

b. someone there recommended a list of the 100 Sexiest blogs.

c. I found a blog by a guy in CA named Riff Dawg, who was an AM devotee and wrote with two goals – to help men game the system, and to share his exploits. I read 250 posts over 4 days of a Thanksgiving weekend!

d. He ran a forum for people to help each other so I read everyone’s exploits and questions.

e. The forum linked to an IRC chat room for “cheaters” most of whom were on AM and talked in real time. I couldn’t imagine fitting in with “those people” but I did. They are regular folks, trying to make the best of their situation. I hung out, learning the good, bad and fun that can come from using AM.

About the time I got done with treatments, my old flame suggested I find a local man and the folks on IRC suggested I try AM. I bet them that no man would be interested in me. I was wrong. 😉

3) Music

I too listen to a wide range of tunes. I knew almost everyone you mentioned!

Sirius radio came free with a new car awhile back and I didn’t think we’d use it, but it is a wonderful way to hear lots of different music. I put on the 50s, 60s. 70s, or 80s. I like songs I can sing along with – a cappella, Broadway show tunes, or folk artists like James Taylor, John Denver, Christine Lavin or David Wilcox. I also adore piano-based classical music. I used to be a huge figure skating fan and got to know a lot of classical music through their routines.

I better stop before this gets to novel length. Heh.

Here’s three more questions if you feel up to it:

1) Say something about your job? Are you in an office mostly or out and about?

2) How did you meet your wife?

3) Do you have children? Pets?

Hugs with groping and a naughty suggestion for more whispered in your ear.



From: Reggie
To: Sassy
Sent: Wed Jun 6, 2018 at 4:55 PM
Re: Sassy face

Fascinating story about your introduction to the world of AM. What a journey indeed. The world of cheating that I have found myself in gives me a lot of guilt and anxiety and yet, I am helpless drawn to it. I thought I could only be on IRC after I got caught 5 years ago on AM. But here I am back again and wanting to fuck other women so badly – just the idea of being with someone new and discovering their bodies gets me excited all over again. I have had a few dalliances throughout my marriage.

Let me answer your new questions and expect to hear from you as well:

1. I work for [big high tech company I had heard of – he named it but I will not!]. I am mostly in office although I have to travel to other offices around the world. I am a manager but also get to do more interesting technical work. I hate the corporate life and in my politics am devoutly socialist – so, I will not complain when the revolution comes and all industry is nationalized 🙂

2. I met my wife overseas.  We had a common interest in travel and met as part of a tour group.  We still do as much of that as we can.

3. I have a young child who is the light of my life.


PS It is indeed fun to answer these questions and to await your answers!

PPS – my additional question which you can answer in lieu of any of the above (or in addition to..) – 4. What turns you on sexually?


From: Sassy

To: Reggie
Sent: Wed Jun 6, 2018 at 8:24 PM
Re: Sassy face

Hiya! Your messages are such a treat! I’ll write while I munch on Chinese food.

Sorry you have emotional effects from philandering. I’ve never had any guilt. I thought I would, as I am a “goody two-shoes” in other parts of my life, but the sassy part of me takes over and I can go along without anguish. The “demure lady” gives me flack about taking certain risks and rolls her eyes at my crazier adventures, but I mostly don’t let that slow me down.

How did you get caught? I am eager to hear details so I can help others avoid whatever tripped you up. If you want to wait to discuss in person, that’s fine too. Several men have explained the lure of “fresh pussy” so your reasons for continuing sound familiar.

1) Work
I’ve heard of your company. 🙂 You’ve likely heard of my employer also. I can say more in person. I am the efficient office manager who takes care of the mundane administrative stuff so the senior staff can do their work – payroll, hiring, catering, scheduling, travel, finance. The one in the back office that no one notices. I like my work and most of the people, but I have “the boss from hell” so I hope to retire this time next year.

2) Husband 
Met my husband on the internet in the early days of Usenet. He moved here from the Midwest to be with me. He wrote erotica and I thought it was written by a woman. I wrote “her” a fan letter and after chatting for 3 days noticed it was a guy. Wow.

3) Children
How wonderful you have a kid!  I am owned by two old cats! They are brothers – we rescued them from a friend of a friend who was suddenly allergic.

I don’t have children. I dote on my young niece who is athletic and brilliant and sweet and going on 40.

4) Turn ons
Do you mean physical attributes or particular activities?

Three more?
1) What is your email moniker based on?

2) What is your favorite part of a woman’s body?

3) Name some favorite movies?

Thanks again for letting me poke around in your head.



From: Reggie
To: Sassy
Sent: Wed Jun 6, 2018 at 10:02 PM
Re: Sassy face

Sassy delight!

First you tell me that you are not a fit for me and keep shying away. And then you delight me with your messages, not to speak of your provocative hugs! 

The story of how you met your husband is really quite incredible. Oh, the early days of Usenet – what a lovely, unsullied Internet we had.

* Turn ons – you can interpret the question as broadly as you want to

Your three:

1. Email name – sort of based on an old book – Only loosely on On IRC, I sometimes used to have the nick from the same book.  We can talk more about that when we meet.

2. Woman’s body – eyes, lips, fingers, toes, breasts, pussy – not sure in what order 🙂

3. Hmmm..tough question because I don’t watch that many movies and even fewer mainstream movies. Quite a few Woody Allen movies – Annie Hall, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Hannah and her sisters and even the more recent Midnight in Paris. Miyazaki animation stuff, Kurosawa, Coen Brothers…

I like the flirty dialog that you have introduced through these three questions. Mine:

1. (4 from the last one in the prior email)

2. What are your political views?

3. What is the craziest place you have had sex in?

Have a good night, gropy one!


From: Sassy

To: Reggie
Sent: Wed Jun 6, 2018 at 10:11 PM
Subject: The view

Just as I was finishing my last meeting of the day yesterday,
gathering my papers off the marble table in the conference
room on the 36th floor, the sound of sirens wafted up from
the expressway below. Everyone else had left the room, so
I took a minute to lean over the marble counter and stare
down at the roadway. There was a horrible wreck of mangled
metal and shattered glass, several cars and a tractor trailer
twisted together. The traffic was stopped behind the mess,
and the cars on the other side barely moved, rubbernecking.

Suddenly, I heard the door close. I straightened up, but before I
could turn, I felt your arm around my waist, and felt the heat of you
on my back through my dress. You were already hard, pressed
tightly against my ass. I started to speak, but you put a finger
on my lips and teased a corner. I licked your thumb, and you moved
your hand down to unbutton my dress. Just enough to slip
your hand inside and tease a hard nipple. I moaned and let my head
fall back against your shoulder. You bit my neck and ran your
tongue across my skin.

You slipped your hand under my skirt and inside my underwear,
teasing my most sensitive spot. You pressed a finger inside,
unsurprised at the moisture gathered there. I was startled
as you lowered my underwear. I felt like my knees would
buckle, but you tightened your grip and spread my legs to
balance me against the counter. I panicked when I heard
the rasping sound of your zipper, but before I could form the
words in my mind to stop you, I felt you hot and hard against
my skin, and a low moan was all that escaped my lips. You
shoved it inside me, and your breathing grew ragged as you
watched yourself slide in and out. You kneaded the flesh of
my hips as you moved, then reached around me to rub the top
of my slit in time with your strokes. I was trying to be
quiet, but could not hold in all the gasps of pleasure as
you thrust deeper and deeper inside me, your balls slapping
against me. You felt the trembling start inside me, and
the clenching around you. You felt the pulsing, the searing
heat and suddenly lost control, pounding me into the wood
and stone, spurting up inside me over and over.

The only sound was our uneven breathing and the whirring
air conditioning. You pressed your cheek to my back and
whispered, “What a view…”


From: Sassy

To: Reggie
Sent: Wed Jun 6, 2018 at 11:21 PM

Re: Sassy face


I should be asleep but I can’t go without answering!

I sent you a snippet of my erotica. It can give you another perspective on my sexy mind.

1) Turn ons
There is a physical ideal man that gets to me… taller than I am, broad shoulders, hefty, with a mustache or beard. That said, I have learned to ignore a man’s looks and been happy if he has a good sense of humor, kindness, a keen mind and understands about pleasuring a woman not just satisfying himself.

As for activities, I tried a lot of wild stuff and settled back into less kinky things. No role-playing, no pain, no ropes. I can not be a sub or a domme. I am not vanilla but perhaps… butter pecan? I do like nuts. 🙂

I want a man to be nice to me and let me be nice to him. You do things, I do things, we do things. I like the lights on. I like variety. Some days hard, fast, pounding. Other days, a long conversation punctuated with sexy stuff. I enjoy oral both giving (as long as I can mostly control the action), and having a man lick and munch on me. A well-placed tongue and a finger can be explosive. Doggy, lazy (under with my leg over), or side positions are fun. I am learning about toys and appreciating the way they can enhance other activities. Hope this is making you smile!

2) Politics
I am very very liberal registered Democrat. Is this enough of an answer? If not, ask more. Any litmus test issues you want me to opine about?

3) Crazy sex

Outside on a bench in Mt Auburn Cemetery.
In Cancun.  *Cough* FOURSOME *Cough
On a picnic table in the town park.
(These can make good stories in person.)

Good questions! I adore that you are asking and answering and interested. Please answer these too?

Provocative hugs? Ha! You betcha. I’m also “the best kisser ever.” So there. 😛

Okay… I think I can sleep now. Sweet sexy dreams!

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