Fun with friends far away

May 5, 2018 Saturday
6:52 AM Sassy
Good morning from Mt Laurel, NJ!

9:37 AM Sassy
My first time at a Cracker Barrel

The homey interior
Fried chicken Benedict
Loaded hash brown casserole

10:32 AM Phil
Good morning from Pennsylvania!
12:39 PM Sassy
Made it to Rockville!
1:23 PM Phil
Happy to hear! Enjoy!
2:16 PM Sassy
You buying a lot of stuff? 
4:16 PM Phil
No. Just enjoying the band
4:16 PM Sassy

4:19 PM Phil
Fun event!

5:45 PM Phil
Oh yeah.  Nothing like rocking and rolling!

10:55 PM
Awesome Italian dinner at Amalfi in Rockville MD with good friends

Beet goat cheese salad
Hubby’s lamb Bolognese over penne
My sausage porcini mushroom pasta
Fresh cannoli

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