Sitting on a big rock

April 21, 2018 Saturday
From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Sent: Sat Apr 21, 2018 at 10:45 PM
Subject: Saturday scenes
Hiya T!  Hope you had a stupendous Saturday!  We had such a fun time.  Old friends from Rochester were in town for a conference, and saved a day to see us.  So I drove around Gloucester, Rockport and Essex on the first warm day in a long time.  It was so wonderful to feel the sun on my face, catch up on their news, see pretty scenes and eat a yummy lunch at C.K. Pearl!  
I indulged in a few moments of “What would Tim make of this beach?” as I walked along at Wingaersheek, imagining us sitting on a big rock in spring sunshine…so you were with me, in a way.  
Hugs with groping and a long french kiss! 

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